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135 series of gas generator set the level of technical maintenance

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-29
135 series of gas generator set maintenance serial number to maintain the level of technology project program 1 check the battery voltage and gas generator electrolyte specific gravity by hydrometer measuring the electrolyte density, this value should be 1. 28 ~ 1. 30g/cm³ ( The environment temperature is 20 & deg; C) , the general should not be less than 1. 27g/cm³ 。 The fluid level should be higher than plate 10 ~ 15 mm, when should add distilled water. 2 check the gas generator set triangle rubber belt tensioning degree examination and the tightness of the belt can be adjusted. 3 clean oil pump oil absorption gas generator coarse mesh apart the body large window cover plate, gas generator to pry the coarse mesh spring leaf, remove the filter in the diesel fuel for cleaning, then blowing off. 4 clean air cleaner to remove dust collecting plate and the dirt on the print cartridge. 5 cleaning ventilation tube filter speak body door cover plate in the gas pipe filter out, put in diesel or gasoline cleaning net, after immersion in oil gas generator. About 6 clean oil filter every 200 h commonly; 一个。 Clean the wound rotor coarse filter; b。 For chip filter, turn the handle to remove the filter surface oil pollution, or on diesel in scrub; c。 The rotor of the centrifugal fine filter in the diesel oil or kerosene for cleaning. 7 to replace the oil sump oil gas generator according to the oil gas generator usage ( Dirt and viscosity of oil reduce degree) To change the time, every 200 ~ 300 h. 8 filling lubricating oil or grease to all injection nozzle and the place such as mechanical joint tachometer, grease or oil filling of provisions. 9 clean cooling water with access to clean water in the radiator, radiator eradication of sediment until clean.
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