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190 major parts of the gas generator is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-29
Gas generator engine main parts and components of a piston, piston natural gas generator set based on combustion and reduce the compression ratio of the need to change the piston at the top of the shape and size, making pressurized gas generating set and the pressure of natural gas engine's compression ratio reached 8:1 and 9:1. Case diagram represents the bowl shape at the top of the natural gas engine piston, the skirt of big diameter: 189. 64 and 0. O4mm。 Two parts cylinder head, cylinder head of diesel engine parts and the main difference is that the spark plug to replace the fuel injector, the inlet and exhaust valve hole heat-resisting alloy seat, cancelled the bottom cover fuel in and out of the oil hole on the shell, the cover of a spark plug installation hole, the upper cylinder cover increase sheath, spark plug at the bottom of the cylinder cover original fuel injector of 14 caused by light kongming M18 & times; 1. 5 mm screw hole, used to tighten the spark plugs. On the cylinder cover with to prevent excessive wear of the inlet and exhaust valve seat, inlet and exhaust valve seat after running-in, sealing strip width of 1. 7 a 2. 4 mm, and the sealing tape must be continuous. Valve plate bottom cylinder head is higher than that of the size of the bottom surface is respectively: inlet valve base is higher than cylinder head bottom 1. 25 a 1. 65mm; Exhaust valve base is higher than cylinder head is 0. 29 a 0. 71mm。 In order to improve the air valve sealing performance in the work, into the exhaust valves are equipped with air valve rotating mechanism. When the valve and valve seat wear in excess of the prescribed scope, can change into the exhaust valve seat. Three, water jacket pipe pressurization gas generator exhaust pipe structure of water jacket, to reduce the exhaust pipe on the surface of the thermal radiation and lower into the turbine exhaust temperature. After the machine start, should loosen the exhaust pipe of the upper air bleed valve, discharge the air water chamber, make cooling water water cavity, ensure its cooling effect. Winter long downtime, loosen screw at the bottom of the exhaust pipe, make all cooling water cooling water cavity emptying, prevent frost crack.
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