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50 kw biomass gas generator characteristics

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-23
50 kw biomass gas generating set with high thermal efficiency, the same power unit, steam turbine, generally only 11 ~ 16%, gas turbine can reach 24%, and the internal combustion engine high thermal efficiency can reach 40%. High thermal efficiency means that the rate of fuel consumption is low, good economy. Compact structure, light weight, small size, and especially suitable for the mobile power plant. Starting fast, under normal circumstances, only in 3 ~ 6 s time to start, and can quickly achieve high power, and use easy to operate. Biomass gas generator biomass gas generator set mainly by the biomass gas ( Straw gas) As raw materials, the main gas composition and calorific value is as follows: CO: 15% ~ 20%; H2:10%~15%; CH4:2%~4%; CO2:10% ~ 15%; O2:1. 6% the rest of the basic nitrogen. Low calorific value in 3688 MJ/Nm3 ~ 6290 MJ/Nm3.
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