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50KW Trailer Diesel Generator Set

50KW Trailer Diesel Generator Set
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CE, ISO9001

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Xinshengan trailer generator, the walking generator. the product is highly mobile and flexible; 180° turntable, easy to operate; super silent, comfortable operation and variety of styles. The biggest difference of the supermaly trailer generator is that more maneuverable than the ordinary generator set, which effectively solves the problem of difficult power supply in the field. Based on the industry and serving customers, xinshengan has been consistent for 12 years.

• Compact structure: High-strength chassis, high-end configuration, reliable quality.

• Flexible traction: With movable hook, 180° turntable, flexible steering and easy operation.

• Brake effective: It both has a reliable air brake interface and manual brake system to ensure safety during driving.

• Reliable frame: It is equipped with 4R mechanical or hydraulic support to ensure the stability of the trailer.

• New design: There is a ventilated window at the front and a split door at the rear, with doors on both sides for the operator to do maintenance.

• Customization: The size of the trailer can be specially design, the operator can walk around for easy operation and maintenance.

• Generous appearance: The coating is made of high molecular polyurethane, the color can be customized by the user. The text and decoration on the outside of the trailer can be made according to user requirements.

• Fire control:There are two fire extinguishers available in case of emergency .

Seven advantages, both soft and hard device.

• Significant low noise performance,noise under 75dB  (7m from the unit).

• The overall design of the unit is compact, small in size and novel in appearance.

• Multi-layer shielding impedance mismatched acoustic enclosure.

• Efficient noise reduction multi-channel intake and exhaust system, air inlet and exhaust channels ensure sufficient power of the unit.

• Large impedance compound muffler.

• Large-capacity fuel tank, the unit running time is durable and reliable.

• Special quick opening cover for easy maintenance.



Generating set general model


No load voltage setting range




Steady state voltage regulation rate


Exciting method

AVR brushless

Transient state voltage regulation rate


Rated power (kW)


Voltage fluctuation rate


Rated current(A)


Steady state frequency regulation rate


Rated voltage(V)


Transient state frequency regulation rate


Rated frequency(Hz)


Frequency stabilization time


Rated power factor

0.8 LAG

Line-voltage waveform sinusoidal distortion rate


Overall dimension (L x W x H)(mm)


Net weight (kg)





Rated power (kW)



In line, 4-stroke, electric control ignition, pre-mixed lean burn, turbocharged after cooled

Rated speed (r/min)


Cylinder number


Speed regulation mode


Bore x stroke (mm)


Starting mode


Total displacement (L)


Fuel type




Optional Configuration

■ Silent canopy

■ Heavy duty air filter

■ Cold weather operation

■ Engine coolant heater

■ Intake air heater

■ The sensor of cooling water level

■ Anti.condensation heater(alterator)

■ PMG alternator

■ Power sockets panel

■ Leakage circuit breaker

■ High capacity fuel tank

■ External fuel connections

■ Automatic fuel refilling device

■ Superior residential type silencer

■ Skid with forklift slots

■ Control system with parallel function

■ ATS (Automatic transfer)

■ Mobile trailer chassis

* Note: special configuration is available

Standard Configuration

■ Cooling system with large size rodiator and expansion tank
■ Heavy-dury chassis
■ Built-in insulation and anti vibration block
■ Free-maintenance battery
■ AC alternator for battery charger
■ Battery charger
■ Cable and brocket for battery
■ Battery isolation switch
■ Main circuit breaker
■ Automatic start control system
■ Fuel. Water separator
■ Fuel level sensor
■ Oil sump pump
■ Full load test
■ Comprehensive security protection
■ Emergency stop button



The main applications are in the following areas:


1. Mine
Diesel generator set is a kind of small-scale power generation equipment, which refers to power machinery that uses diesel and other fuels and diesel engines as prime movers to drive generators to generate electricity. The complete unit is generally composed of diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, starter and control battery, protection device, emergency cabinet and other components. The whole can be fixed on the foundation, used for positioning, or mounted on a trailer for mobile use. So it is widely used in mines.
2. Ships and ports
Large ports have a large number of ships calling at it every day. The powerful diesel engines on ships must continue to run to maintain the normal operation of ship equipment and support systems. This also means that ships continue to emit greenhouse gases and particulate matter into local air. In order to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction, the diesel generator set was changed from 450KW to 280KW.
3. The field site
Diesel generators are non-continuous operation power generation equipment. If continuous operation exceeds 12 hours, the output power will be about 90% lower than the rated power. Although the diesel generator set has low power, it is widely used in field sites and other departments as a backup power source or temporary power source due to its small size, flexibility, light weight, and complete facilities for easy operation and maintenance.
4. Municipal machinery (1)
Diesel engines are widely used due to their high thermal efficiency. Off-highway diesel engines are the mainstay of the off-highway engine market and are mainly used in agricultural machinery (such as tractors), construction machinery (such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers), material handling machinery (such as forklifts), and multi-purpose equipment (such as generator sets, pumps) )Wait. Among off-highway diesel engine emissions, NOx and PM emissions are the most serious, accounting for approximately 20% and 36% of total NOx and PM emissions, respectively.
4. Municipal machinery (2)
Among the diesel components, except for 99.7% (75.7% of N2, 10% of CO2, 8% of water vapor, and 6% of O2), it is harmless to humans, and the remaining 0.3% (0.2% of NO, 0.01%) (NO2, 0.03% HC, 0.05% CO, 0.01% SO2, and less than 0.01% PM) are harmful substances, and it is the culprit for the formation of acid rain and destruction of the ozone layer. As human beings pay more and more attention to the environment, eliminating diesel exhaust pollution has become a major topic of concern. Therefore, developed countries have taken diesel engine pollution emissions as one of the important contents of environmental governance, and formulated corresponding emission control standards. These hazardous substances are controlled by the emission standards for off-highway motorized equipment.
5. Factory
With the rapid development of private and foreign-funded enterprises in China and the shortage of electricity and power grids in some places, factory diesel engine units are favored by customers for their durability, low consumption, cleanliness, high efficiency, and low maintenance costs. However, when the enterprise uses the diesel generator set to supply power by itself, it has brought serious noise interference to the diesel generator room. This noise pollution has caused great harm to the enterprise and its surrounding environment. In line with international standards, ISO9000 and ISOI4000 systems have clear requirements in terms of corporate environmental protection. These factors make the use of diesel generators limited. Therefore, the control of such noise pollution is imperative.


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