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About straw biomass power generation project eia approval requirements

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-03
A straw biomass power generation project, reasonable putting in domestic haven't stable production operation example, in such aspects as technology, economy, pollution prevention, there is no successful experience, the stationing construction need to be careful. At present, should not be in the following areas: (construction of straw biomass power generation project 1) City proper and a planned urban area, town, or large concentration of residential areas on the dominant wind direction of the wind and may cause sensitive area target does not meet the corresponding requirement standard, the environmental protection area; ( 2) Coal resource is rich, concentrated source area; ( 3) Has been built powerstation, under construction or has approved a new coal thermal power plant of the county ( City) ; ( 4) Mountainous, hilly, key protection area, the ecological fragile area of soil and water loss, farmland to forests, and other areas focus on the protection of the ecological environment; ( 5) Water shortage area; ( 6) Don't repeat points within a 50 km radius. Second, the new and retrofit biomass ( Straw) Power projects should be comprehensively considered in the area, allow putting can only build a straw power plant, and implementation of cogeneration. New straw power plant should meet the environmental protection administration and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the 'on strengthening the biomass power generation project notice on the management of environmental impact assessment ( Environment and development [2006] no. 82) The relevant provisions; Proposed implementation of the reform of power plants in addition to meet the environment and development [2006] no. 82 document, should also meet the following conditions: one is the service period less than; 2 it is located in large and medium-sized city proper, planning area; Three are the implementation of cogeneration with stable heat users, not less than 12 mw single scale. Three, biomass straw generator project environmental impact assessment of new or modified straw biomass power generation project environmental impact reports shall be prepared and submitted to the provincial environmental protection bureau for approval. The structure, fuel straw biomass power generation project must take the straw as the fuel, it is strictly prohibited to straw and coal, waste rock, or other mixed burning fossil fuels. Five, the comprehensive utilization of resources, A) New or modified straw biomass power generation project in the use of water to encourage with water in the city sewage treatment plant, restricted access the surface water, ground water is strictly prohibited. ( 2) Ash comprehensive utilization project must be supporting facilities for the construction of comprehensive utilization of straw burning ash, ensure all ash comprehensive utilization. Six, pollutant discharge pollutants should meet the coal-fired power plant air pollutants emission standards ( GB13223— 2003). 3 hours, sulfur dioxide emissions should satisfy the control requirement. New or included in the provincial government shut down should be shut down small thermal transformation for straw power generation project, sulfur dioxide emissions shall be through for this area coal-fired power plant flue gas desulfurization governance measures or carry out other regional closure discharge of sulfur dioxide pollution of sulfur dioxide emissions cuts resolved; Not included in the provincial government to shut down the power of transformation from the material straw power generation project, pollutant total amount shall be determined by the original coal-fired units in a new generation of old made cuts, and according to the new time to redistribute sulfur dioxide emissions performance
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