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About the problem of the methane to generate electricity small biogas generator set

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-09
Available in rural biogas to lighting lighting, but biogas lamp gas consumption is larger, from the perspective of improving gas heat energy utilization as well as the safety and health, with biogas power generation with the light is more economic and convenient. Biogas power generation generally take gas 0 per hour. For 25 40-watt lamp & ndash; 0. 75 meters a biogas can only be used for 7 biogas lamp lighting for one hour. So in recent years the development of Chinese small biogas plants have more apparent, bear building small bog plants more than 300 in sichuan province. Of course, there are some problems on policy and management. In sichuan province rural small biogas engine can be matched with a small synchronous motor or induction motor. Mainly USES the asynchronous generator, it has simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, fault less, safe and low price, and many other advantages. Particularly suited to small living scattered rural, if using this generator to drive the motor as power to use, the efficiency is low, it is not ideal. But the new developed X - an asynchronous generator CYF7。 Step 5 kw motor performance is close to the 'department of generator. Developed in recent years, the number of units of a group of 5 ~ 8 kw small biogas genset popular at home and abroad, after the show has had more than 10 countries request order or rebuilding gas station. These little bog plants supporting the prime mover has dual combustion and smoke gas ( Single flame) Two kinds, single cylinder, now completely remove gas engine on several issues about look. For the smoke gas engine to diesel engine, is actually getting diesel machine for electric ignition type otto machine, domestic now modification method is commonly use battery power supply, through the high tension line ignition distributor at the spark plug and so on, but you need to choose the appropriate position to install distributor ( Or magneto) And spark plug, because single cylinder machine volume is small, so it is difficult to find the ideal installation and transmission parts. For S195 Zha Mars helmet for the installation of cylinder head and the limit of the secret, in addition to the available in eddy current method of indoor it, however, as the gas fuel to separate the combustion otto machine is not suitable. Our experiments show that if not modified combustion kratos, engine can't work normally. Interested in the appropriate to reduce the compression ratio at the same time, should be done to expand the swirl chamber passage and throat. In addition, the export of domestic single-cylinder engine electric start usually used more sails, the machine comes with a battery, motor starting, ignition source and launched arduous problem in both and solve. This as an export machine is desirable, but is rather large, to large area in the domestic marketing problems in the first place in the countryside small bog power station under the condition of existing level and to manage and use good battery well is not easy, then the machine price is expensive and difficult to buy domestic. For single cylinder gas machine by the sichuan agricultural machinery group after long-term individual test, chose a new scheme, namely a S195 diesel engine flywheel generator itself instead of battery, as a power source. Flywheel generator alternating current (ac), through a silicon rectifier, to high voltage spark plug ignition coil. The experimental results show that when the engine speed to open up, ignition energy is sufficient and reliable work. But starts, A hand moving speed is too low, the ignition difficulty caused by the lack of energy, to keep the original diesel fuel supply system, burning diesel, when starting A speed up after converting to cut off the oil and smoke gas. S195 machine 15 horsepower at 2000 RPM high power can reach, and voice is soft, now still need further testing every performance of the other. Speed regulating performance generally do not meet national standards, such as stable callback rate should not more than 5%, but in 8 & ndash; 15% or even higher, which mainly with the original design speed regulation system related to the sensitivity of additional equipment. Speed control system does not pass, a chance to load change, or inlet pressure change and make the speed fluctuation is bigger, which affects the stability of power generation, this is must be solved in the future ask become warped.
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