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Advantages of gas generator set

Advantages of gas generator set



Gas generator sets have the advantages of wide output power range, high reliability in starting and running, good power generation quality, light weight, small size, simple maintenance and small low-frequency noise, etc. Generally, they have the following four advantages:

1. Good power generation quality

 As the generator set only rotates during operation, the response speed of electric adjustment is fast, the operation is particularly stable, the output voltage and frequency of the generator is high precision, small fluctuation, when the load is suddenly reduced by 50% and 75%, the operation of the generator set is very stable, better than the electrical performance index of the diesel generator set.

2. Good startup performance, high startup success rate

The time from successful cold start to full load is only 30 seconds, while the diesel generator is loaded 3 minutes after successful start.Gas turbine generator sets can be any ambient temperature and climate to ensure the success rate of start-up.

3.Low noise and small vibration

The vibration of gas turbine is very low and the low frequency noise is better than that of diesel generator.

4.The combustible gas used is a clean and cheap energy source

  Such as: gas, balloonflower gas, biogas and so on, they as the fuel of the generator set not only reliable operation, low cost, and can be turned into treasure, will not produce pollution

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