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Air supply technology of the gas generator and gas generator set

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-30
Gas' gas pre separation compressed gas pressure regulating heating process in addition to do civil fuel, chemical raw materials. In the town with enough gas and regions. Especially in the outside power supply trapped inside and abundant source of oil and gas field. With ten gas power also has a very broad prospects for development of fuel gas, gas generator for domestic skarn, requirements for fuel gas is gas generator gas is determined by the machine capacity and efficiency of hungry = pressure. To meet the requirements by technological measures should be taken according to the gas generator set pressure dew point temperature of the fuel gas containing liquid droplets and solid particles, for the supply of fuel gas, gas generator 7 column 1 art measures should be taken to 1 gas pressurization and regulated facilities. Should be determined by technical and economic comparison, is to choose the high efficiency but should be the natural gas pressurization of large generators, or choice efficiency is relatively low but not gas, pressure of small generating set. According to experience, when the power load is larger than 80001 tore, choose high fuel gas pressure of large generators, at this point, if the air pressure of natural gas under the requirements of the gas generator low inlet pressure, the need for charging facilities, the compressor outlet pressure should be needed for generating set pressure range, the value of natural gas into the generator before. Should be set so pressure facilities. Purpose is to maintain into the generator fuel gas pressure basically stable. Voltage regulation by pressure regulating valve to achieve self-reliance type. The fuel gas heating facilities. When the temperature of the gas can't satisfy the hydrocarbon dew point above the water dew point 5, worshiping meteorite fresh, Gui off hot heating facilities, resin 1 by the place of natural gas, if the temperature can guarantee the hydrocarbon dew point above the water dew point 5, above, is not for heating facilities heating can be implemented by other high temperature medium electric heater heat transfer, due to the gas plants like no year season can guarantee high temperature medium, so the heating mode of the electric heater USES mostly, gas pipeline construction and purging requirements. Clean, in order to ensure the gas supply pipe between the filter should be exported to gas turbine inlet gas section adopts argon arc welding backing. To reduce welding, the green section passes through fully blasting purging, thoroughly remove may remain in the sand, slag, dust and other sundry gas turbine 1 must be set filter. So that the construction and operation of the early clutter filter clean gas supply the typical process flow of gas generator, according to the temperament of feed gas religious conditions for gas supply gas generator, feed gas for after treatment of dry gas and the temperature is greater than the road and water dew point five above, the process gas into ordinary filter 1 into dense filter heating gas turbine for incoming 42 of the original gas, steam and gas condensate in the gu is greater than 2413. Must carry out preliminary separation, recoverable called flow 2 gas, pre heating separation filtration separation blend into the gas turbine inlet or the process to air pressure regulating pre separation filtration separation heating gas turbine inlet into the heart. Feed gas for moisture, but the amount of gas condensate is less than 20103, 2 or such processes can be used to heating gas pressure regulating filtration separation into the gas turbine.
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