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Analysis of biogas generator fault micro computer more energy efficient

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-28
Biogas generators can't start, it will bring loss to the production of the user's work, it could also herald a unit in addition to failure. Biogas generator can not start, then, is how to return a responsibility? Below we will introduce the user to biogas generators can't start. Biogas generator can not start the mainly in the following several reasons: 1, spark plug, not the fire. Recommend replacing spark plugs, because the spark plug is consumable. 2, gas pipeline jam. Time is long, flame arrester there hoarding a large number of water, gas through the gas generator. Or in the winter in the north, frozen inside. 3, biogas methane content is not stable, or methane concentration was not enough. 4, battery power less than 2 check the battery charge. Line 5, battery, and plug is loose. 6, the electric platen, speed control board, actuators, such as speed sensor circuit fault. Check the corresponding equipment and circuits. Biogas energy construction, on the one hand, can complement the rural production and living energy demand; On the other hand, can reduce in the production of industrial organic wastewater and gas generator set of living garbage the damage to the environment. Bog pool can use biogas can be used for farmers life, agricultural and sideline products production, processing, etc; Can also be used for biogas power generation, gas fuel cell, etc. Biogas slurry material used in fertilizer, feed, biological pesticide, the culture of production. Renewal is used in the production of the fertilizer, feedstuff. The multilevel utilization of biogas engineering in the energy and material recycling was established with biogas as link ecological economic system, realize the environmental and economic win-win situation, to promote the sustainable development of the circular economy. Micro biogas generators with the establishment and development of large and medium-sized methane project is a comprehensive utilization of biogas technology, it is to produce biogas fermentation pool after purification with a comprehensive power generation device on the engine, to generate electricity and heat, its comprehensive thermal efficiency can reach 75%, is an important way to effective utilization of biogas. Biogas power generation has a comprehensive benefits such as efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection, can improve the energy structure, regional ease the power shortage, improve the comprehensive benefits of biogas project, is a widely distributed and distributed energy at low price.
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