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Basic knowledge of biogas power generation and equipment selection

Basic knowledge of biogas power generation and equipment selection


Biogas power generation is a new technology for comprehensive energy utilization that integrates environmental protection and energy saving. It uses a large amount of organic waste in industry, agriculture or urban life (such as: distiller’s grains, poultry and livestock manure, urban garbage and sewage, etc.) through anaerobic fermentation Process the generated biogas and drive the biogas generator set to generate electricity. The use of biogas power generation has certain requirements for gas composition. The content of impurities in the gas such as Si, HS, etc. should be controlled within a certain range. The temperature of the biogas is 10~60 ℃, and the pressure It is 0~5kpa. Generally, the biogas from the anaerobic treatment of livestock manure can meet the gas quality requirements for power generation. The sewage treatment biogas requires desulfurization and other treatments, and the landfill biogas requires dehydration and other treatments.

The efficiency of biogas power generation is related to the methane concentration in the gas. In theory, biogas with a methane content of 55% can generate 1.8KWh per cubic meter of biogas. In actual power generation, the concentration of biogas generally cannot be stabilized at a fixed value. In this case, biogas power generation The unit can operate as usual, but the power generation will be reduced. The generated electricity can be connected to the Internet. The output voltage of the biogas generator set is 400V, which can be connected to the low-voltage end of a 6300V or 10000V transformer. If the low-voltage line is long, 400V can be boosted to 6300V is connected to the incoming line of the power supply bureau.

A question often asked by many users who plan to do biogas power generation is how much power generator should be selected. In theory, biogas with a methane content of 55% can generate 1.8KWh per cubic meter of biogas; the average daily gas output of biogas digesters is biogas digesters. About 20% of the total volume of the body (different biogas digester technology, different gas production), the specific calculation can be determined. First calculate the total amount of biogas that can be generated per day, and then determine the installed power of the generator set based on the time of generation per day.


   The total amount of biogas per day is 500 cubic meters, the total amount of power generation: 500×1.8=900 degrees

   If you want to generate electricity for 24 hours, the output per hour is 900÷24=37.5

   Domestic biogas generators generally operate at 80% of the rated power, which is the actual installed power: 37.5÷80%=46.87KW, so a biogas digester with a daily gas production of 500 m3 requires a generator set greater than 46.87KW to meet the requirements.

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