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Biogas common problems and ruled out

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-30
A common problem. Common problems include three aspects: farmers in the process of using biogas or pool operation management, common problems summarized, have such three aspects: one is the user lack of pool operation management knowledge, there is no guarantee that the normal and consistently use biogas and use; 2 it is the user of biogas generator set facilities, such as kitchen equipment inspection, maintenance, maintenance ability is weak; Third, some farmers and benefits to the change of biogas brings to life the insufficient understanding. 2. The manifestation of common problems and eliminate method ( 1) Fermentation material liquid acid or alkali. Normal gas pool, the requirements of the material liquid ph between ph = 6 ~ 8, all can produce gas, with ph = 6. 8 to 7. 5 high gas production. Identify the simple way is to use eyes to see, if I found the material liquid pool is a little generic blue that shows that the material liquid partial acid; If it is a layer of white on the cover on the material liquid of the material liquid alkali. 一个。 When found the material liquid partial acid, will take 3 ~ 4 kg of lime on the 4 ~ 5 barrels of water, after first fully stir again directly from the inlet into the pool and stir, with the lime clarified liquid pool good contact with the material liquid. b。 When the material liquid alkali, with prior Zha into 2 ~ 3 cm long green weed pour a pig or cow urine and outside the pool heap retting processing 2 ~ 3 days, and then from the inlet into the pool and stir well, make new green weed and pool material liquid full contact, so that it is back to normal as soon as possible. ( 2) Long-term with pig pool fermentation raw materials, high pressure has some not fire or combustion time is short. Traditional habits of pig is given priority to with food to feed the pig, pig in the content of carbon and nitrogen ratio for C: N = 1, and in the case of other conditions are available, the content of carbon and nitrogen than C: N = 25 ~ spake to guarantee the normal gas, so there will be none, and so on and so forth. 一个。 The timing of use during the spring and autumn every year, large discharge to the pool to add 1 cow dung. B。 In the process of ordinary filling carbon-rich raw materials, adding suitable amount of such as: bran, abortive shells, broken straw crop residues. ( 3) Fermentation raw materials or material liquid fermentation is normal, but the lack of gas production. In the cause of the problem is: material liquid fermentation in the pool forming precipitation or material liquid surface crust. The solution is: adhere to constantly stir the biogas fermentation liquid. ( 4) The biogas and its pipelines leak. Methane leakage has a variety of case: a. Its pipelines such as gas leakage, but after pressure and air pressure does not rise and artificial fast step-down more than 1, air leakage between the biogas fermentation. Eliminate surface sealant, paint after 2 ~ 4 times, paint sealants. b。 Water seal ring has bubbles or sealing daub local black, hermetic seal leakage. To seal, water seal ring filled with water, ensure water seal ring with water. c。 Installation of biogas room can smell rotten eggs or sulphur, its pipelines, switch leak or purifier & lsquo; U ' The pot cover gasket rupture. Find a flat with detergent water area, replace the damaged parts. d。 Only when cooking or light can smell rotten eggs, desulfurizer failure. Replace the purifier of desulfurizer.
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