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Biogas engineering should be how to choose suitable biogas generator set

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-25
Choose biogas generator set is determined by many factors, such as gas composition, electricity demand, the surrounding environment, and so on, how to choose the right about the whole biogas generator project success or failure. First, choose good manufacturers. At present, is a great variety of biogas power generation units on the market, generally speaking, have a professional design and manufacture according to the characteristics of gas and diesel engines two simple rehabilitation. Gas engines used in gas, especially because methane gas pressure and the concentration is to change all the time, and gas in the cylinder when doing work much more than fuel combustion conditions of bad, it requires must adapt to the working condition of gas combustion engine, and timely adjustment, pressure, the gas and air ratio have perfect combustion control technology, and a definitive research and development experience and data accumulation. Second, select the reasonable and economical control level. Generally speaking, the biogas generator sets professional manufacturers will have different configuration of equipment to choose from, such as the general model, three control system of automatic management and automatic operation model. The general basic units can do units normal operation; Automatic management with computer management control system, can the omni-directional visual display operation condition, save operating data automatically, and can be ordered on the computer control unit; Full automatic control system is quite level control system, the international first-class brand, besides has the function of automatic management unit to run automatically, automatic adjusting the operation parameters, key components are all made of high-end imported products, high reliability. Third, the methane gas generating set according to choose the right model. Generally speaking, the domestic gas internal combustion generating set power in 25% ~ 39%, thermal efficiency model professional, different, different power generation efficiency. First to determine how much gas heat energy, it and the total amount of methane gas heat related. Due to the gas composition are mainly composed of methane, carbon dioxide, therefore, the unit gas heat only consider methane quantity of heat. Fourth, do a good job in power station layout, design and construction. First of all should conform to the requirements of the national electric power construction safety, good can possess professional knowledge and experienced design units to provide design, the design process to fully combined with field condition, as much as possible to save investment, give full play to the efficiency of generating set. More content: https://www biogas generator. xsapower。 com/
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