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Biogas generator and waste heat utilization

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-20
Biogas generator set is the main supporting project of comprehensive utilization of biomass energy system, based on biomass biogas as the fuel produced by the anaerobic treatment, biogas internal combustion generating set. After the completion of the project, on the premise of meet all electrical, can also transfer surplus electricity to the city power grid. At the same time, the landfill gas after work in generating units of thermal energy can be used as a recovery of waste heat used for biomass synthesis process. To achieve the goal of adjust measures to local conditions, comprehensive utilization of resources. Methane gas recycling system can be recovery of waste heat power generation units and jacket water of high temperature flue gas heat, used for biomass anaerobic treatment process with steam and hot water. Biogas generator set out the available corresponding high temperature flue gas waste heat boiler steam pressure of 0. 4 mpa saturated steam. At the same time by using high temperature gas generator jacket water ( A water) The waste heat of anaerobic fermentation tank heating with hot water ( The secondary water) 65 ~ 70 ℃ water heated to higher than 80 ℃, and then through part of the waste heat boiler to produce steam heated to 85 - the hot water 90 ℃ and then into the comprehensive treatment plant biomass recycle. New shengan power hotline: 0531 - 62337587400 - 6988 - 190.
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