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Biogas generator engine power output

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-20
Biogas generator engine power output of 135 series of biogas generator gas engine flywheel output power, mechanical drive work. When using the ban on flywheel installed directly pulley transverse drag machine, so easy to damage the biogas generator and biogas generator main bearing of crankshaft. Such as the need for horizontal drag device, do not use biogas generator gas engine crankshaft and main bearing directly under transverse force, when biogas generator connected by coupling machine, machine center line and the center line of the crankshaft should be in a straight line. If use elastic coupling, the coaxial degree should be greater than zero. 3毫米; If use rigid coupling, the coaxial degree should be greater than zero. 10 mm note: biogas generator gas engines are not allowed to load starting, so the gas engine and do not in themselves idle motion between the load on the device should be equipped with on-off device. The gas engine front part can output power of the gas generator, the output power is not more than 25 kw, but directly using the front axle break belt as the horizontal drag output power shall not be greater than 10 kw shengan biogas power generator is illustrated below: new shengan power production of biogas generator shengan gas engine power
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