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Biogas generator exhaust smoke color abnormal failure and elimination method

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-19
Biogas generator exhaust smoke not normal faults and elimination method: serial number causes ruled out fault characteristics and the exhaust smoke: 1 1) Biogas generator engine load in excess of the prescribed to reduce the load of (within the prescribed scope 2) Incorrect valve clearance, valve seal bad, cause the exhaust valve leakage adjusting valve clearance, inspection seal cone, and eliminate defects 2 exhaust white smoke: appropriate improve the speed and load, operation time, time biogas generator engine cylinder startup, individual not burning in the cylinder, Especially in winter) Blue smoke coming 3 exhaust: overhauling and clean up the air filter ( 1) Air filter blocking overhaul piston ring, if necessary, should be replaced, 2) Ring sticking or excessive wear, lack of flexibility, installation Angle of piston ring, the way to improve the oil into the combustion chamber appropriate by load; Supporting the power to choose appropriate ( 3) Long-term low load, Below 40% of the nominal power) Running, clearance between piston and cylinder liner is bigger, the biogas generator engine oil into the combustion chamber in the oil easily scale scribed line filling oil ( 4) Within the oil sump oil to join too many 4 in exhaust moisture condensation occurs; Cylinder head cracks, make the cooling fluid into the cylinder to replace cylinder head
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