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Biogas generator gas generator operation procedures

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-04
Biogas generator gas generator operating procedures: before the start of 1, 2, check whether the tank is enough to check whether the oil in a static position, not above or below the position 3, check the battery anode is correct is: to ensure a positive answer starter, iron of the cathode. It is forbidden. 4, check whether the gas supply pipe air emptying, gas pipeline and joint leakage, the personnel on duty should be closely monitored, to ensure no leakage. 5, maintain gas 80 mm to 80 mm water column inlet pressure. 6, pressure reducing valve to cut off the reset treatment in a reset state, to ensure the stable gas supply. 7, idle speed switch in the idle position. Eight, air switch in the closed position. 9, the position of the float charging source switch is disconnected. Guide: the startup time should not exceed 8 seconds, consecutive start interval for 5 minutes. 。
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