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Biogas generator interface layout

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-19
Biogas genset pneumatic equipment and interface: solenoid valve with zero pressure valve is widely used, use effect is good, safe and reliable. Configuration is relatively complete valve group system, including manual ball valves, filters, pointer table, solenoid valve, leak detection system, flame arrester, zero pressure valve, flange, etc. According to different gases, the valve can have different materials, and the overall flow and the inlet pressure valve groups to match with generating set. Automation system with proposed to valve group in the freedom of the platform, in addition to can effectively shorten the induction distance, also can make full use of the power station stereo space, let a plant layout more compact. Biogas generator water interface: water interface layout below the valve group platform, for the horizontal fan tank layout provides a standard interface specification. Biogas generator electrical interface: electrical interface is refers to the generator end power output interface, outlet side of the generator design support and shield shell, and provide good support for the power cable laying and guidance, and the cable was reliable protection, safeguard the personal safety. Interface: biogas generator set signal interface with rectangular air plug-in, reliable connection, debugging maintain convenience.
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