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Biogas generator oil cooler, rounding

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-19
Biogas generator engine oil cooler for water cooled. Oil cooler for cylindrical, internal have a brass tube, fin, and core composed of spacers. Water flow in the core tube, the oil flow between core and shell of the sandwich. Oil cooler specifications in the following table: the main technical specifications and project types water cooled oil cooler tube (chip core diameter mm) 96 cooling pipe core length (number 84 mm) 400 spacer number 13 total heat dissipation area ( m² ) 0. 735 oil cooler should be cleaned regularly, when heavy, should keep oil seal ring formation and location are correct. The aging or sticky oil sealing ring should change new, otherwise it will cause oil/water mixture, lead to engine failure. When maintenance also check the cooler core for desoldering, wear, when necessary for welding repair or the individual tube orifice suffocated again continue to use at both ends. Such as cooling copper pipe damage is more, it should be replaced the whole core. In cold areas or winter when you use the engine, which should be paid attention to in a timely manner when parking put the cooling water or use antifreeze coolant, in order to prevent the frost crack of the cooler.
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