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Biogas generator professional knowledge

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-08
Biogas generator professional knowledge: the gas holder type biogas genset need: 1. Biogas generator double membrane double membrane appearance for 3/4 sphere, gas holder by rail fixed in cement on the top of the base or anaerobic jars. Main body made of special processing of polyester material ( Main composition of red mud software composite membrane and red mud soft software clip of screen) Made of tanks by the end of outer membrane, membrane, membrane ( Strategy to) And accessory equipment, has the ability of uv radiation and various kinds of microbes, high fire and conform to the standard. Lining with the basement membrane ( Strategy to) Formed between a variable capacity air space used for storage of biogas, outer membrane structure storage globular shape. Use outer membrane intake blower constant voltage, when the lining methane content reduce, outer membrane through the blower inlet, keep lining the design pressure of the biogas, when methane content increases, the normal endometrium stretching, through the outer membrane of excess air relief valve discharge, make the gas pressure is always constant in a need to design pressure. Adjustable diaphragm principle of heat preservation of the methane gas holder: filling the air between the inner and outer membrane, can effectively block the cold air to enter. Has the following advantages 1 high safety coefficient of this product is very safe and reliable, the use of more than 5 years of real product. Including cold Germany, Norway, the Middle East, Israel extremely hot Sahara desert that earthquake frequent Japan! Fully meet/is superior to the national related laws and regulations and industry requirements. With overpressure relief valve and gas leakage alarm. The gas holder are made in the factory and testing complete, ensure the quality without guide rail, without lifting the pistons, heavy pressure, no maintenance! Gas holder without water/oil seal/spring, not afraid of freezing, heat need not to need not adjust! Won't produce negative pressure caused by roof fall, collapse, completely can achieve unattended operation does not produce pollution, not as wet gas holder to produce a large amount of waste water containing phenol, cause secondary pollution. 2 long life service life of 25 years of outer membrane inner lining of the service life of 20 years. Three basic cement base, convenient installation just for a few days time to complete the installation, save installation cost and time, Example: 2 5000 M3 within 10 days of gas holder installation is complete! ) Can be put into use immediately after installation is complete 4 cost saving capacity can be contained in the full use of, no dead zone, overall weight is not more than 5 tons of gas, and saves the base construction cost is greatly simplified. ( 1000 m3 traditional dry/wet gas holder only steel which weighed 30 tons, not wet gas holder must have a large sink) Cost cheaper than traditional dry or wet gas holder. 2. Biogas generator water seal gas holder 3. Biogas generator dry gas holder biogas generator required inlet pressure for 5-20 kpa. Biogas generator of waste heat utilization, waste heat utilization of biogas generator is divided into two parts; One is the smoke temperature waste heat utilization, and the second is cooling heat using biogas generator itself. Shengan biogas power generator image: biogas generator pictures
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