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Biogas generator prospects

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-31
Biogas genset prospects: reliable, environmental protection, cost-effective electric power supply system is the key to drive enterprise sustainable profitability. Whether in the government department of agriculture animal husbandry, EPC contractors or environmental engineering design company, electricity producers or power users, large and medium-sized farms, landfill, alcohol plant, paper mills, such as citric acid factory, biochemical factory, we can provide you with solutions based on biogas generator set. Both properly meet your requirements, environmental protection and greater increase your earnings! Flow of the utilization of resources. Environmental protection, energy new shengan power has always been the pursuit of theme. Growing in the energy shortage, environment on the today, the use of biogas generator is imminent! Conventional farms for waste can not get timely treatment, waste, lead to the flies, stinking few, not only destroyed the environment, a breeding ground for germs, led to the avian flu, swine flu for aquaculture environment is poor, poor health, such as the dangers of a great deal of new diseases. Therefore, development of biogas programs and is the necessary condition to improve the environment and save energy. In the field of biogas generator set, we have many famous multinational force in China's exclusive authority and high agency. America cummins ( 康明斯) And independent research and development of new shengan power brand. Biogas generator capacity range: 25 kw - 1000 kw, its design concept is always improve your profit shall prevail. Whether do what purposes, we production of biogas generator can completely meet your requirements for efficiency, reliability and environmental protection. Its total life cycle cost is low, operation cost in 0. Around 3 yuan/KWH. Biogas generator efficiency can reach more than 40%, the average per cubic meter of biogas power generation in 1. More than 5 degrees, overhaul time at 2. 50000 hours, can bring you greater return on investment since it was founded in 1998, we have been committed to the energy sector, with biogas generator power system integrated supply and solutions to give priority to. After decades of development and accumulation of experience in electric power system and our industry chain gradually transition to the energy saving, environmental protection and development and production of biogas generator set, now has become a big biogas generator set manufacturer in south China, professional to provide 20 kw - 1000 kw of efficient biogas generator set. We will actively introduce foreign advanced technology, the digestion, absorption and innovation! Collection abroad a variety of advantages, focus on the system engineering development based on biogas power generation and supply a full range of power generation equipment. Now we have to grab the most areas. Such as changsha, nanchang, dalian, loudi, xiangtan, shenzhen, chongqing, haikou and other landfill biogas power generation system, gas treatment system and CDM projects, all belong to our competitive and biogas power generation project cases for mature! In the field of animal husbandry and aquaculture, we actively corresponding countries call for close cooperation with local governments, committed to the construction of new countryside. Successively in jiangxi province, ganzhou, guangxi yulin, yangjiang, guangdong, zhuhai, chengdu, sichuan province, successfully developed construction of biogas power generation farms cogeneration projects. Our r&d and production of special gas generator farms, more get the favour of local government leaders and farm owner. More than 30 kw unit, we can add on biogas generator of form a complete set of waste heat recycling system, the generating set of cylinder liner water, exhaust gas and waste heat recycling according to actual situation to provide users with hot water or steam. Energy utilization rate of 85% or more. New shengan power actively seeking partners: the way of our cooperation is very flexible, pay attention to win-win with you. New shengan power commitment: every government department of agriculture animal husbandry ( Personal) , biogas engineering construction units or individuals, sewage treatment, environmental protection company, or have very good relationship with government department of agriculture animal husbandry units ( Personal) New shengan dynamics, it is very welcome partners. Let's meet new shengan, joint development of new energy field, hand in hand, create brilliance! Shengan biogas power generator image: biogas generator set
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