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Biogas generator set cogeneration zero emissions

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-19

biogas generator set

biogas generator set cogeneration zero emissions:

with the improvement of technical development and social requirement biogas power generation mode of continuous improvement, introduced in the first heat, electricity, fertilizer combined technology, zero emission model.

power generation efficiency of 38%, waste heat utilization efficiency is 42%. Winter generator waste heat temperature, 38 ℃ fermentation temperature, no additional heat source.

TS 8% : 80% of waste heat in winter for anaerobic tank temperature;

TS 10% : 60% of waste heat in winter for anaerobic tank temperature;

TS 12% : 40% of waste heat to the anaerobic tank heating in winter.

redundant quantity of heat can also be used for vegetable greenhouses heating.

- Summer using waste heat drying renewal;

- Biogas slurry, renewal, all used for organic fertilizer, realizing the zero discharge.

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