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Biogas generator set common failures and solutions

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-15
Biogas generator set common failures and solutions 1, gas pressure is low, low speed, the actuator to big, reach the rated speed, the unit has no reaction ( Gas pressure & ge; 3000Pa) 。 Om: insufficient 2, gas discharge unit. 。 。 Om. 。 。 Intermittent sound or unit regularly reach rated speed. Solution: turn down the air import, adjust the mixing ratio, exhaust temperature unit & le; 650℃( Load state) 3, lack of power, electricity load, voltage drop, unit individual cylinder without work can not reach the rated speed. Solution: check whether the power load is out of power, bold cable, line voltage electrical equipment & ge; Phase voltage 400 v, & ge; 220 v, check the spark plug and valve clearance. 4, high power voltage: engine speed should be & ge; 1520 r/min, otherwise adjust the electronic governor, reach the rated speed; Adjust the generator potentiometer, the lower left until you reach the rated voltage ( Generally do not need to move) 。 5, speed instability: the state of the intelligent controller high-speed stability, such as unstable to adjust gas pressure regulating valve, adjustable electronic governor after stability and gain, integral of potentiometer knob should match each other. Three potentiometer effective tuning range 45 & deg; & 315 deg; 。 6, shooting unit ( Low speed state) The ignition Angle error, valve clearance error and point firewire wrong, the valve closes lax. Solution: correction ignition advance Angle 6 - 135 22 & deg in advance; And adjust the valve clearance, checking the ignition module wiring to each cylinder line replacement or to grind the valve. 7, the exhaust pipe tempering: ignition advance Angle hysteresis, the exhaust of refrigerator is lax. 8, inlet pipe tempering or put bubble; Intake of refrigerator is lax or ignition line wrong. 9, there are oil tank: oil cooler bad, water pump, cylinder head bad, need to change after the screening. 10, oil pressure, water temperature; Check if there is a signal sensors and wiring. Unit 11, no speed: check the speed sensor and gear ring from 0. 6 - 0. 8mm。 Sensor is bad, grounded shielding wire is strong, intelligent control of the line loss, intelligent controller Settings is correct (number of Such as 6 - 135125 teeth) 。 12, generator output voltage: 160 a open closed, intelligent controller detection, AVR wire falls off, using the multimeter, ~ voltage profile testing 160 a open voltage, above the right to change the generator. 13, rated speed, the actuator oscillation, the big enough gas ( Normal rated speed, actuators open Angle of < 30 & middot; ) Otherwise check the gas source; Multi-cylinder doesn't work, check the spark plug ( Spark plug open motor is put forward, the spark plug out of the blue spark) ; Electricity load is not stable. 14, intelligent control does not display or blue screen, check if there is a 24 v dc power supply, if there is a focal flavour, smell intelligent controller.
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