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Biogas generator set electronic governor operating instructions

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-15
Biogas generator set electronic governor operation description: governor and actuator selects the high quality products, reliable performance, stable, with good ability of speed adjustment. Equipped with high and low speed switch and speed trimmer potentiometer. High and low speed switch and speed trimmer potentiometer. High and low speed switch is mainly for low speed control and calibration of the speed control switch, external rotation speed trimmer potentiometer can fine adjustment speed deviation. Overspeed protection function: when speeding units due to various reasons, parking control system can make the actuator of control, the unit overspeed protection setting of 1680 RPM. Speed on its other potentiometer and switch, the factory has been set, non-professional personnel shall not be adjusted. Role of 24 v / 12 VCD power conversion is for ignition control system is stable and reliable to the 12 v power supply charger role is to give the accumulator ( Normal operation after close will charge switch, please) 。 Ignition gas machine part of the matters needing attention: when the machine is running, do not stop cylinder inspection, absolutely not allow scored high tension line when the machine is running, it will cause harm to humans and machines. To keep high pressure such as ignition coil, high tension line, high pressure cap is part of the clean, in case of high voltage discharge, cause fire machine.
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