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Biogas generator set power generated by the faults and elimination method

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-31
A, biogas generator engine overheating, the environment temperature is too high, oil and cooling water temperature is high, exhaust temperature is greatly increased; Excluded methods: repair the cooler and the radiator, remove scale, check the line pipe diameter is too small, such as environmental temperature should improve ventilation, temporary strengthening cooling measures. Second, the biogas generator inlet and exhaust system failure: 1, air filter blocking; Excluded methods: clean air filter cartridge or remove the dirt on the print cartridge, should be replaced when necessary; 2, exhaust pipe blocking or take too long, small turning radius, bend too much; Method: remove exhaust pipe carbon: heavy exhaust takeover, elbow can't more than three, and there is enough exhaust section; Six, biogas generator connecting rod bearing shell and surface of crankshaft connecting rod journal bite: MAO have abnormal sound, and there is the phenomenon such as pressure drop of oil; Elimination method: remove the engine side cover, check the big lateral clearance, can look at the big move, if can't move, said bite, should be replaced the grinding shaft neck and connecting rod bearing; Three, biogas generator gas system failure 1, low gas pressure, gas; Method: to improve 2, poor quality of fuel gas, air pressure, low effective components; Excluded methods: increasing gas the volume 3, gas block; Method: clean up; 4, mixer diaphragm crack; Method: to replace diaphragm; Four, biogas generator set cylinder cover component failures: at this point not only lack of power, performance degradation, and leak, intake pipe smoke, have abnormal phenomenon such as tapping. 1, tracheal cover combined with the body surface flat, variable speed there is a stream of air flow from the liner out: cylinder head screw loosening or pad damage; Method: according to the specified torque tighten the screw nut or replace the cylinder head gasket, when necessary, scraping the faying surface. 2, inlet and exhaust valve leakage; Excluded methods: overhauling inlet and exhaust valves, grinding valve and valve seat surface; 3, valve spring is damaged; Method: the replacement of damaged spring; 4, valve clearance is not correct; Method: heavy school valve clearance to the specified value; 5, piston ring and valve stem biting cause cylinder compression pressure is insufficient; Method: remove the maintenance, cleaning and replacement of damaged parts; Five, the biogas generator inlet and exhaust phase change; Performance of the gear speed variation; Method: with gas phase and valve clearance checks;
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