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Biogas generator set runs summer maintenance method

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-20
The summer, how to ensure the safety of the gas generator set run normally, the necessary maintenance is indispensable. As an introduction, below small make up just like summer the operation of the biogas generator set maintenance skills. A humid, summer is hot, biogas generator set of exhaust itself than fuel generator exhaust temperature higher, so be sure to guarantee normal ventilation cooling gas generator set. Often should clean the dust dirt inside the vent way, check the operation condition of the fan, guarantee the smooth circulation of air. 2, for summer thunderstorm season, lightning protection facilities, to do well at the scene of the generator set by biogas generator power supply all kinds of mechanical equipment and lightning protection grounding must be made according to the rules of projects under construction. Third, the high temperature in summer, to frequently check the coolant and oil level. Oil change on a regular basis to ensure that the engine oil lubrication effect and heat dissipation function, prevent the machine caused by oil or insufficient coolant temperature and then caused the damage of the machine. Above is a new shengan power small make up for everybody introduction about biogas generator set maintenance skills as summer, hope to be of help!
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