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Biogas generator set valve clearance adjustment

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-26
1. Biogas generator set is cold when the valve clearance is as follows: into the valve clearance: 0. 30 ~ 0. 35 the exhaust valve clearance: 0. 35 ~ 0. 402. Cylinder sequence of biogas generator set. The first cylinder from the engine front ( The free end) , biogas genset ignition sequence is as follows: 4 cylinder gas engine: 1 - 3 - 4 - 26 cylinder gas engine: 1 - 5 - 3 - 6 - 2 - 43. Valve apprentice before the adjustment, first remove cylinder head cover, then rotate the crankshaft make the flywheel shell to check the window time zero line in the pointer on the flywheel. Operation, should prevent pointer deformation and keep the pointer is located in between two limit line in the flywheel shell. At this point, the 4 cylinder engine 1, 4 cylinder; 1, 6 cylinder of 6 cylinder engine are still in the top dead center. And then determine which cylinder in check point on the cylinder at the starting point of expansion stroke. Differentiable crankshaft rotation. If the observed inlet and exhaust are dormant. Crankshaft, inlet and exhaust valves are not to move the cylinder is in the position of the expansion stroke starting point. 4. Biogas power generation unit in determining the expansion stroke after starting point, can adjust valve clearance according to the following table. Valve clearance adjustment of the name of the first cylinder piston starting point can be adjusted during the expansion stroke valve cylinder number 4 cylinder 4 cylinder, 6 6 cylinder piston cylinder machine starting point can be adjusted during the expansion stroke the cylinder valve inlet valve 1 - serial number 4 cylinder machine 23 - The exhaust valve 4-1 32 - Inlet valve 1-46 cylinder machine 2 - 43 - 5 - 1-6 exhaust door 3 - 52 - 4 - 65. Adjust the valve clearance, first with a wrench and screwdriver, loosen the lock nut and adjust the rocker arm in screw, choose thickness gauge (according to the provisions of clearance value Also known as fragmentation) Inserted between rocker and valve, and then turn adjusting screw to adjust. When the rocker arm and valve in contact with the thin gauge, but still can move the thickness gauge, and screw down the nuts, after repeated mobile thickness gauge to check again.
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