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Biogas genset compared with gas turbine generator set

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-31
Biogas generator set with reciprocating internal combustion engine, generally through the gas in the combustion in cylinder, a piston movement, have the power, drive the generator power generation, again, similar to the principle of diesel engine, single machine power is generally small, the fuel is given priority to with biogas. Gas turbine is the principle of turbine, turbine engines, gas turbines is high pressure increase gas combustion boiler, turbine operating to generate power, to drive the generator. General steam turbine power, fuel available varieties more. Biogas genset's advantage lies in: 1, the environmental protection: higher emission standards. Natural gas emissions fully meet or exceed the standard Ⅳ, greener and more energy efficient. 2, economy, comprehensive utilization of gas power generation, the cost is much lower than using diesel oil and heavy oil power generation, and lower than the grid price, if will emit heat energy comprehensive utilization, will further reduce the cost. 3, energy saving, efficiency is higher. Imported natural gas power generation efficiency up to 40%, homebred brand biogas generator power generation efficiency is in commonly 30% to 35%. 3, reliability, adapted to the low concentration of methane; Equipment operation is more stable, under normal circumstances, cycle greatly extended. 4, security: the patent technology of the computer control module, technology reached the international leading level, the more control system, test system and protection system to ensure safe operation of the unit. Gas turbine advantage is: 1, light weight, small volume. Gas turbine power plant metal consumption of about a third - with power steam turbine power plants 1/5, so the infrastructure investment, short construction period. 2, water, electricity less oil consumption. Gas turbine water little, even can not water, factory since the water is very few, many units can be no power supply starting, lubricating oil consumption is much less than the steam turbine or internal combustion engine. Therefore, suitable for water, power shortage areas. 3, starting fast, high degree of automation. Industrial gas turbine from cold start, acceleration, until take full capacity, general need only 3 - 15 minutes. Most modern gas turbine has been used microcomputer control, can program starting or stopping, centralized control or remote control, convenient operation and maintenance, no one can even run. 4, can the comprehensive utilization of waste heat, significantly improve energy efficiency. Now gas turbine exhaust temperature is 450 - 600 ℃, and the exhaust flow rate is bigger, contains a lot of suitable for the comprehensive utilization of high quality energy, such as the installation of waste heat boiler, gas - Steam combined cycle, the total power can add a third - 1/2, also can realize the cogeneration or thermal trigeneration, to improve energy efficiency by 80% above.
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