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Biogas plant layout is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-04
Biogas plant layout is introduced: the project for comprehensive utilization of biogas and energy conservation, environmental protection engineering, using the production process by using biogas as fuel for power generation units, generate electricity. By the implementation of the project can reduce environmental pollution, reduce atmospheric greenhouse effect. So that no matter from the protection of the environment or biogas generator project from biogas, recycling waste to reduce emissions, increase efficiency and other aspects are a very good project. Engineering is proposed for biogas generator, matching variable and distribution systems, cooling circulatory system and other auxiliary production systems. Plant general layout, power station site selection requirements meet with each other the safe distance of constructional building and fire separation requirements, pipeline technology reasonable, convenient transportation. Power plant set generator room, low voltage transformer room, control room. Low voltage power distribution room layout generator circuit breaker tank, a control three type low voltage into line ark, low-voltage distribution cabinets. Control of the three controlled indoor decorate a remote generator room decorate a control type on the control cabinet. Two sets of waste heat boiler and hot water plate heat changer 2 sets. Frequency conversion pressurized fan 2 sets ( Open a case) 。
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