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Biogas power generation crew promoting significance

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-15
1. The status quo of rural household biogas promotion and application at present, China's largest pool of popularization and application in the world, national plans to 2010, reaching 26 million. Thus, to build pool will account for 20% of the national appropriate peasant household biogas development. However, such a huge pool of building, amazing development speed and quantity of the pressure of management. Technical cadres not only responsible for the planning of new pool, steel, construction, and is responsible for the management in the use of a variety of old pool failure of elimination and the comprehensive use of technical guidance, training, etc. 2. The significance of the promotion should users with biogas 1) Biogas generator set can not only solve the problem of rural energy, but also can increase the organic fertilizer resources, improve quality and increase the fertilizer effect, thus improve crop yield, improve soil; ( 2) Using biogas, can save huge quantities of straw, hay, such as organic matter, so that to produce livestock feed and as the papermaking raw materials and handicraft raw materials; ( 3) Establishment of biogas can reduce the phenomenon of disorderly cut down trees and disorderly spade grass, vegetation protection, make the agricultural production system gradually to the virtuous cycle development; ( 4) Establishment of biogas, which is beneficial to purify the environment and reduce the happening of the disease. This is because in the process of the biogas fermentation process, the massive death of the bacteria in human and animal feces, environmental health conditions improved; ( 5) With biogas lighting cooking, the family economic cost is saved, and saving the housewife's work time, reduce the labor intensity; ( 6) Use the marsh fertilizer, improve the quality of agricultural products and quality, increase the economic income, reduce agricultural pollution, laying the groundwork for pollution-free agricultural production. The commonly used material recycling type ecosystem mainly farming & ndash; The breeding & ndash; Biogas engineering series, breeding & ndash; Fisheries & ndash; Planting series and breeding & ndash; Fisheries & ndash; Series of forestry ecological engineering, etc. The planting industry & ndash; The breeding & ndash; Biogas engineering series of material circulation using ecological engineering application is common, the effect is good.
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