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Biogas power generation is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-31
Renewable energy is one of the important energy, China to achieve the sustainable development of biogas power generation is an important use of renewable energy, reasonable and effective use of this new type of energy, a great help for rural and agricultural development in China. Combines many advantages in one biogas, is all sorts of organic matter in a certain temperature, humidity, ph value and cut off the air condition, the decomposition of microbial fermentation and produce a combustible gas, named after the deep early found in the swamp. The main composition of biogas is methane ( CH4) , in addition to carbon dioxide ( Accounts for about 30% 40%) 。 It is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, about 55% of the air density, poorly soluble in water, flammable, 1 meter gas calorific value of 35. 857 million. Biogas technology is the use of biochemical method for livestock feces and industrial organic wastewater treatment technology. Due to its low cost, good treatment effect, has been widely used in practice. However, simple to use methane gas supply and heating, coverage is limited, the reliability is low, and methane as fuel on-site power generation, power generation capacity change with biogas production flexible adjustment, can make full use of the biogas. Biogas power generation technology is integrated the environmental protection and energy saving of the new technology of comprehensive utilization of energy. It is the use of industrial, agricultural or urban life in a large number of organic wastes ( Such as fluid of vinasse, livestock manure, municipal waste and sewage, etc. ) By anaerobic fermentation biogas generated from the processing, drive biogas generator set power generation, and can fully use the waste heat generating set for biogas production, make comprehensive thermal efficiency is about 80%, much higher than average 30% 40% of the power generation efficiency, economic benefit is remarkable. Biogas power generation technology itself is provided by the clean energy, not only solve the environmental problems in the biogas project, consumed a lot of waste, protecting the environment, reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, and waste, generated a lot of heat and electricity, in line with the energy recycling and utilization of environmental protection concept, but also bring huge economic benefits. Technology has become mature and biogas power generation is a systems engineering, it includes biogas production, gas purification and storage, biogas power generation and the optimum combination of the Internet and so on many unit technology. Biogas power generation began in the early 1970 s. Abroad is in order to reasonably and effectively use in the treatment of organic waste pollution generated biogas. The research and application of biogas power generation in China also have years of history, due to start using biogas is mostly in the countryside to plants and manure and other organic waste produced by anaerobic fermentation in the pool, though large amount of methane and ground, but the gas production rate is small, engine power is small, and the biogas production is often influenced by climate, gas composition, calorific value and gas production is unstable. In recent years, with large and medium-sized methane project in construction of agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry farm, some engine power plants have adapted and produce more biogas engine, and used in some areas of large and medium-sized biogas power generation projects. The current mature domestic biogas generator set power specifications, are mainly concentrated in 24 - 600 kw of this section. From the point of the gas production of biogas project, there are a lot of biogas engineering suitable PeiJian above 500 kw gas generator set. From the gas production of biogas engineering and from the point of power load properties, 20 kw generators also have greatly under the market. A head of pig ten thousand biogas engineering, for example, nissan biogas 80 m3, obviously not suitable for online, only suitable for internal power. Its bog electricity use is commonly driven biogas engineering sewage pump and pig fan, lighting, etc. , thus should be equipped with around 10 kw generator set. Many similar biogas engineering, is a small biogas power generator demand is very big also. Rural widely used can be used in biogas power generation resources in China is very rich. First, affected by diet, breeding stock reach hundreds of millions of pigs in our country, cattle and sheep, and poultry raising quantity is huge, such as livestock manure emissions. At the same time, industrial development, industrial organic wastewater is also very surprising. If consider vinasse fluid, biogas generated from the urban landfill and sewage treatment and other factors, the methane gas resource potential in China will further expand, the prospect of biogas power generation is very open. At the same time, the rural biomass resources are very abundant in our country, solve the rural electrification, biogas power generation is a very important way. However, large and medium-sized methane project and biogas power generation project of one-time investment costs are considerable, and biogas project investment cost is about four times that of biogas power generation projects. Only in the promotion of biogas engineering application at the same time, ongoing research to improve fens gas rate, and actively promote the application of biogas power generation project, to the social benefit as far as possible under the premise of unchanged, increasing economic benefits, also can make the whole project overall one-time return on investment is greatly increased. In addition, biogas generators and engine waste heat utilization comprehensive thermal efficiency than any other thermal power equipment or devices thermal efficiency is high. For biogas power generation even civil, can send electricity through cable to every household, ahead of all household devices electrification, convenient and clean. No shortage of electricity can also be incorporated into the power grid, which is scientific, reasonable and efficient way of application of biogas energy. Policies to promote industry development at present, our country biogas power generation engineering quantity is less, installed on a smaller scale, development speed is slower. There are a variety of reasons, but the main reason is that the existing mechanism seriously restricts the development of biogas power generation. Polarity.
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