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Biogas power generation plant commissioning process steps

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-25
One, the biogas generator set before starting the preparation of 1, check if water tank water level to the line position. Whether 2, machine oil tank, oil level to the oil dipstick boundary position. 3, measuring series ( 2 pieces) The 12 v battery if there is a power greater than dc 24 v. 4, apart on the generator set observation hole, check each line for free fall phenomenon. 5, check the generator power supply load switch in the off position ( 160 a side) 。 6, check the dc + 24 v power supply wiring - pole to ensure that the ignition module right (positive and negative The red + white line - grounding) 。 7, connecting the motor line & lsquo; +’ Very connect relay & lsquo; -’ Very grounded. 8, empty test motors, to observe the various parameters of ignition and intelligent controller, check, or processing. 9, biogas, seal, presence of funnelled to deal with. 10, check the gas pipe diameter & ge; 60mm( 2. 5 ') Gas pressure gauge whether instructions, the pressure of the biogas into the machine before & ge; 3000Pa。 Second, the boot process 1, the first open motor exhaust the residual gas inside the unit, the startup time & le; For 15 seconds. Not straight up 4 times 2, drive motor, plenum, unit operation in a state of low speed < 1200 r/min. 3, 3 - low speed running 5 minutes, check for leaks gas, water, oil processing. 4, observe the intelligent controller parameters is normal, the converter switch to high speed position, check the gas, water and oil. 5: rated speed 1500 r/min, the oil temperature & ge; 60 ℃, can add load, load, load should be smooth, such as: 10 kw, 5 kw, 4 kw, greater than 15 kw or more electricity equipment to buck. The preparing work before three, add load 1, determine the power of electrical equipment, power equipment is not more than 22 kw (< A single device) 。 2, the generating set without configuration and state grid interconnection equipment. Such as add grid interconnection device. 3, when the biogas generator connected to the electricity equipment to the nuclear phase sequence, and synchronous operation of power grid.
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