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Biogas power generation plant commissioning

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-03
Biogas genset debugging preparation: stay civil engineering conditions have set in place, the piping system for construction work. After achieve distribution system construction conditions, after the completion of my company personnel to the unit circuit breaker cabinet, and other electrical equipment is in place, the second unit connected to the circuit breaker cabinet, circuit breaker cabinet to low voltage into line cabinet power cable, power distribution system equipment ( The distribution of cooling system, startup system Unit, control cable connection, at the same time, the bootstrap system are completed. For the whole system after the completion of the project construction, my company professional and technical personnel to the unit system debugging service. 1, the construction need of main construction tool, experiment equipment preparation is complete; To participate in the construction personnel organization construction drawings before technology, safety disclosure; Acceptance inspection equipment. After the equipment to the site, check whether the packing and sealing good, out of the box for appearance inspection, counting the number of consistent with whether listing, specifications and design requirements are consistent; A variety of complementary material specifications and design requirements are consistent, certificate is valid, and spot checking, not eligible disabled. 2, when installing a foundation channel steel, carefully check the breaker cabinets, power distribution cabinet appearance size, foundation channel steel after the completion of the installation, the bottom should be higher than the ground about 10 mm, after the completion of the top side straightness and vertical degree requirements are: total length is not more than 5 mm. Based channel steel after the installation, anti-corrosion treatment, grounding is good at the same time. 3, circuit breaker cabinet, on-site, remote control cabinet, the installation of power distribution cabinet, etc; Foundation channel steel after the installation, the circuit breaker cabinet, on-site, remote control cabinet, power distribution cabinet to the foundation channel steel, leveling and alignment, use galvanized bolts. Cabinet copper platoon busbar connection between the strong and beautiful. 4, cable laying, cable before radiation, in cable trench, cable, cable specifications, quantity, to conduct a comprehensive inspection to verify appearance, comply with the design requirements when before construction. Cable laying request order, clear, elevation accuracy; Cable, wire wear piping, pipe should be without sundry, water, cable protection layer is allowed to damage; When installation should be crushed, twists and protective layer fracture phenomenon; Cable bending radius must be greater than the power cable when turning small bending radius 10 times. 5, cable head production: upon confirmation of cable is completed, wires, just can make the cable head, cable head production in accordance with the relevant construction technology requirements.
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