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Biogas power generation technology

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-31
Biogas burning power generation is the large-scale construction and development of comprehensive utilization of biogas pool and a biogas utilization technology, it will have a biogas anaerobic fermentation processing, used on the engine, and is equipped with integrated power generation device, to generate electricity and heat. Biogas power generation has the characteristics of gen efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection, is a widely distributed and distributed energy at low price. Biogas power generation in developed countries has been widely recognition and actively promote. Biomass energy grid-connected in Western Europe countries account for about 10% of the total energy. 8 m0 / kw h ( Methane gas calorific value ~ & gt; 21 mj / m0) 。 But the domestic research and application of the biogas power generation market are still on the stage of incomplete, especially suitable for China's vast rural area small biogas hair less electricity technology research, in remote rural areas in China has many places severe power shortage, such as the pastoral areas, islands, transmission, such as remote mountainous area is relatively difficult, and these areas have abundant biomass raw materials. If can adjust measures to local conditions to develop small marsh plant, can complement each other on the power supply. Biogas power generation technology is integrated the environmental protection and energy saving of the new technology of comprehensive utilization of energy. It is the use of industrial, agricultural or urban life in a large number of organic wastes ( Such as fluid of vinasse, livestock manure, municipal waste and sewage, etc. ) By anaerobic fermentation biogas generated from the processing, drive biogas generator set power generation, and can fully use the waste heat generating set for biogas production. Thermal efficiency of biogas power generation cogeneration projects, there is big difference between having regard to the different power generation equipment, such as using the gas internal combustion engine, its thermal efficiency is between 70% ~ 75%, and such as the use of gas turbine and waste heat boiler, in the case of complementary combustion, thermal efficiency can reach above 90%. Biogas power generation technology itself is provided by the clean energy, not only solve the environmental problems in the biogas project, consumed a lot of waste, protecting the environment, reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, and waste, generated a lot of heat and electricity, in line with the energy recycling and utilization of environmental protection concept, but also bring huge economic benefits. Research and development of biogas power generation in China has a history of more than 20 years, the current domestic 0. 8 - 5000 kw capacity of biogas power generation units at all levels have been successively identified and put into production, the main products have all use the biogas pure methane engine and dual fuel gas of methane - part Diesel engines. The units and each has its own characteristics, each have the breakthrough of technology and novel structure, have some rural in China, organic wastewater, landfill biogas engineering systems. In recent years due to the responsibility system for rural households, large and medium-sized factory of livestock farm building and environmental protection, the biogas, biogas generator set in China has developed toward the poles. Mainly 3 - in the countryside 10 kw biogas and biogas generator set direction, and the winery, sugar mill, livestock farm, sewage treatment plant of large and medium-sized energy environmental protection projects, mainly in the stand-alone capacity of 50 - 200 kw gas generator set direction.
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