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Biogas power generation technology

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-31
1. Why do you want to biogas power generation? What are the significant advantages of biogas power generation? Biogas power generation is integrating environmental protection, energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of energy technologies. It used in industry, agriculture or town life a lot of organic wastes ( For example: vinasse liquid, livestock manure, municipal waste and sewage, etc. ) By biogas generated from the anaerobic fermentation processing, drive biogas generator set power generation, and can make full use of the generating sets of waste heat in biogas production, make comprehensive thermal efficiency is about 80%, much higher than average 30 to 40% of the power generation efficiency, the user's economic benefit is remarkable. 2. Biogas generator set of biogas is there any requirement? Impurity content in the gas, such as Si, HS, etc should be controlled in a certain range, the temperature of the gas is 10 ~ 60 ℃, the pressure of 0 ~ 5 kpa, concrete request to see the temperament of biogas, general livestock manure anaerobic treatment of biogas can satisfy the requirement of the power generation temperament, biogas need desulfurization sewage treatment processing, such as landfill biogas genset need dehydration processing, etc. 3. Of electricity can be 6300 v or 10000 v transformer connected with power grid? Grid permission? Biogas generator output voltage of 400 v, can be associated with the 6300 v or 10000 v transformer low voltage side, if the long low voltage lines, can step up to 6300 v, 400 v are connected to the power supply bureau in line; If don't get to the Internet to send power, to prevent the online power and inverse power relay protection, has no effect on safe operation of power grid. This way of generating power supply bureau will not questioned. 4. Methane concentration changes, can generate electricity? Generator can run as usual, after adjusting the crew can reduce the normal power or electricity. 5. Power equipment factory conditions necessary? Surf the Internet two 500 kw generator 1000 kw, workshop area (required Including compression machine room, control room, office) For ordinary workshop about 200 square meters, factory building. 6. Biogas power generation equipment investment payback period how long? All ancillary equipment investment, including generator set, if electricity per KWH of 0. 6 yuan, recovery period for eight months, per KWH of 0. 5 yuan, payback period is about 10 months, per KWH of 0. 4 yuan, payback period is 12 months. 7. Biogas power generation side air hair how much electricity? Once the electricity running costs ( Overhaul cost, financial cost, equipment depreciation) How many? How long it will take a year to run a device? 500 kw generator set, how much monthly online electricity? How long it will take a device running overhaul? Overhaul time need how long? How much cost? 1 a gas. 7 kw。 Hr or so ( Methane concentration of methane in calculated according to 50%) 。 Per KWH ( Contain overhaul expense, financial expenses, depreciation expense) Operation cost is zero. 04 - 0. 5 yuan. Equipment running a year more than 7200 hr. More than 500 kw generator set monthly capacity of 250000 kilowatt-hours. A device to run three years overhaul time, costs about 70000 yuan at a time. Overhaul about 15 & ndash; 25 days. 8. Need equipment operation personnel? 1 ~ 3 devices need 1 ~ 2 persons per class, 1 maintenance personnel. 9. The service life of the gas generator set for how long? Use fixed number of year in more than 20 years, a year the actual power generation time in more than 7200 small online. 10. Our factory what is the major characteristics of biogas generator set product? Our biogas generator set product difference with other manufacturers of large is characterized by high security, absolutely no units firing and explosion phenomenon; The second characteristic is good reliability, low failure rate, the year long running time, down time is short, the corresponding good economic benefits of the unit. The third characteristic is not power, power supply by 100% of unit operation.
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