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Biomass gasification power generation

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-29
A, biomass gasification power generation background chart for the new shengan power technology ( Shandong) Co. , LTD. , the production of biomass gas generator set images: biomass is an important renewable energy, biomass is not only a huge number, and widely distributed. This is the most development China home material using one of the reasons for the level is still low. Biomass gasification power generation technology, 生物质气化发电,缩写气化发电) Can achieve equivalent conversion efficiency, provides the high quality of power supply to the user, is more suitable for rural areas of developing countries. In China, on the one hand, in the agricultural and forestry production and produce large amounts of biomass waste, on the other hand in a reasonable period of time in some areas are still lack of sufficient power supply, so the biomass gasification power generation technology in China is the presence of appropriate conditions and development space, its economic and technical advantage can be realized to a large extent. Second, biomass power generation project description 2. 1, biomass gas composition according to the Beijing gas and gas appliances product quality supervision, inspection, on October 25, 2000, straw gas inspection reports that combustible gas containing hydrogen in 15. 3, 27% oxygen. 12%, nitrogen 56. 22%, methane, 1. 9 57%, carbon monoxide. 76%, carbon dioxide, 13. 75%, ethylene 0. 0 10%, ethane. 13%, propane 0. 03%, propylene 0. 05%, the total 100%. According to the different biomass raw materials, different gas content will have a trace of change, 2. 2, biomass gasification power generation step 2. 3, a key link in the process of power generation 1, biomass collection and pretreatment for biomass energy density is low and dispersed, the collection and transportation cost is a key part of the price of biomass. In addition, biomass processing also need for investment. 。 2, secondary pollution, water pollution problem is now the main obstacle to biomass gasification power generation technology application, due to the wastewater treatment plant requires considerable investment and venues, many small biomass gasification power generation the user is not dealing with wastewater. Only when a pollution problem solving, biomass gasification power generation technology to compete with other technologies on the basis of the same. 3 tar, tar processing problem is still not well resolved, must now construction waste water treatment system in order to avoid secondary pollution. Work 4, problem solution - pollution - - - By using anhydrous decoking process l pretreatment of straw materials into secondary cracking of gasifier pyrolysis gasification reaction, generate containing tar and ash content of high-temperature primary gas; L high temperature dust removal system of high temperature gas entering, thoroughly remove floating ash content, ash removal efficiency & gt; 99% l, including coke gas to anhydrous decoking system in turn with the solvent reactions such as condensation, absorption and blow off, thoroughly remove tar, tar, wood vinegar liquid, clean gas completely separated, tar, wood vinegar liquid can be recycled, after the clean gas pressure to the gas holder. Technical features l tar removal efficiency of 99. More than 9%. The export gas tar content & lt; 10 mg/m3, in the international advanced level; L realized gas, tar, wood vinegar liquid three complete separation and the recycling of by-products, no secondary pollution; L solvent circulation use and can realize the unpowered natural regeneration, system operation cost is low; L system noise is much lower than an average of 75 dba, good working environment;
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