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Biomass power generation efficiency analysis

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-06
Straw generator efficiency analysis 1, the ecological benefit is helpful for the improvement of the environment. For a long time, crop straw were basically as a waste treatment. Every harvest season, appear in most of the village ignition, smoking everywhere, straw and the land, the situation of sanguo dynasty, cause great harm to ecological environment. While the straw into, can reduce the unnecessary air pollution. In addition, straw power generation is the CDM (universally implemented in developed countries in the world The clean development mechanism) Project, the installed capacity of 12 mw biomass power generation unit equivalent CO2 about 3 years and emission reduction. 850000 tons, can dramatically reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, much more than coal-fired thermal power clean, very few pollutants, Especially the SO2) Emissions. Straw power generation, as it were, make traditional one-way linear economic resources & ndash; — Products & ndash; — Pollution discharge into resource & ndash; — Products & ndash; — Renewable resources recycling economy. 2, economic benefit is helpful to increase farmers' income. Make biological straw biomass power generation, waste according to the survey of the relevant personnel, a county of millions of people on the mainland, can produce crops such as wheat, corn, cotton and rice straw, 100, ten thousand tons, the equivalent of about 500000 tce. An installed capacity of 25 mw of unit consumption of biomass straw 300000 tons, if calculated at the price of 150 yuan/ton, the annual income of about 45 million yuan, the local farmers, coupled with the biomass straw collect, store, transport, providing a large number of new jobs for the local. 3 to improve the energy structure, and social benefits. China's energy structure is given priority to with coal, accounts for about 70%, coal, serious environmental pollution need to increase the proportion of clean energy sources, to build a resource-conserving and environment-friendly harmonious society. Straw power projects in the treatment of the environment cannot accept straw and reduce direct burning straw produced under the condition of atmospheric pollution, become an effective complement to clean energy. With its popularization and application in the country, not only can solve the energy crisis in our country, improve the energy structure, and control of pollution, alleviate the pressure of the environment, to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.
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