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Biomass power generation principle of gas generator

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-02
Biomass generator set, that is, converting biomass to combustible gas, recycling the release of the burning of combustible gas heat power generation. At present, is used to convert biomass to combustible gas equipment mainly has two kinds, namely, thermal cracking device and gasifier. The working process of the gasifier is: biomass raw materials into the furnace, add a certain amount, after the fuel to ignite at the same time through the inlet port to the blast furnace, eventually forming the gas through a series of reaction. Biomass gasification is a kind of biomass thermo-chemical conversion technology, the basic principle is under the condition of incomplete combustion, heat the biomass raw material, made of high molecular weight organic hydrocarbon cracking into low relative molecular mass of the combustible gas such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane. Widely used in city gas is the product of coal after gasification. While the biomass conversion in the thermal cracking unit and gasifier and combustible gas, known as biomass gas, gas is commonly known as wood. Due to containing a large amount of ammonia in the air, low proportion of combustible gas in the biomass fuel gas, and therefore have relatively low calorific value in general is 4000 ~ 5800 kj/m3. In addition, plasma and biomass gasification and biomass pyrolysis technology, can be resistance to achieve similar functionality. Biomass under the atmosphere of ammonia by arc plasma body heat solution, is the main component in the product gas H2 and CO, and completely do not contain tar. In the plasma gasification, can connect into water vapor, to adjust the proportion of H2 and CO, preparing for producing biofuels. At present, the plasma body heat mostly for clean coal gasification technology transformation and the heat treatment of hazardous waste. Biomass generator power generation is the key equipment gasifier ( Or thermal cracking unit) , once produced the biomass fuel gas, the follow-up process of generating and conventional thermal power and biogas power generation has essential difference. As shown in the figure below, is mainly composed of gasifier, cooling filter unit, gas engine, generator and so on four big institutions.

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