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Biomass power generation process

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-08
Water/steam cycle straw crushing pressure rocks after the scene in the 1990 s, represented by coal fossil fuel power generation technology of rapid development, make the whole efficiency of the power plant, the steam temperature and pressure are greatly enhanced. For straw power generation units, also has achieved great development. However, compared with coal equipment, straw burning power generation equipment design construction experience is relatively small. And straw also has a unique feature, make it difficult to achieve high steam parameters. Chloride content is higher in straw, in particular, to increase the possibility of a boiler corrosion under the high steam pressure. Most of the straw burning power plant power generation efficiency can only about 30%. In general, the straw power plant heating in power at the same time, in order to improve the efficiency of the whole power plant. ( 2] The processing of straw, conveying and combustion ( Within the power plant) Two independent straw power station construction warehouse. Each warehouse has the door, the transport trucks can enter from the gate, and then stopped on loadometer weighing, straw to test the moisture content at the same time. Any more than 25% water content, a pack of straw is unqualified. Straw crushing pressure block of finished product in European power plant, the test by infrared sensor installed on the auto crane. In China, you can manually insert the probe into every test moisture in straw bales, this detector can store 99 set of measurements, after measuring all straw bales, the measured results can be deposited in the connection to computer platform balances. Then use the forklift to unload, and will transport truck empty weight input computer. The computer can be calculated according to weight and water content before and after the net weight of straw. ( 2] Wagon, forklift straw bales in the predetermined position; On the other side of the warehouse forklift straw bales on feed conveyor; Feed conveyor has a buffer, preserves the straw 5 minutes; Straw from loading bay by sealing gate ( Fire) The feed conveyor to feed system; Straw bag was push to the two vertical screw, torn to pieces straw through the rotation of the screw, and then to send spiral automatic feeder, straw through the feeder to press the straw into sealed feeding channel, and then reach the hearth. Hearth for water-cooled furnace bed, vibration is developed specifically for straw burning power plant equipment. Boiler system of boiler with natural circulation drum boiler, superheater in two level arrangement in flue, flue tail layout economizer and air preheater. Due to the alkali straw ash content is relatively high, therefore, the flue gas at high temperature ( More than 450 ℃) Has high corrosion resistance. In addition, the fly ash of low melting point, easy to produce slagging problems. If the ash becomes solid and semiliquid, it will be difficult to remove, in the operation of the will prevent pipeline from flue gas to steam heat transfer. Channel, serious when even completely blocked flue gas to flue gas in the boiler. Because of these problems, therefore, designed the superheater system, and most of the straw power plants are in use in the world.
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