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Can rural farms use biogas to generate electricity? what is the benefit?

Can rural farms use biogas to generate electricity? what is the benefit?


Nowadays, basically every family in the rural areas has electricity, and nowadays, farming is developing well. So why do we need to develop biogas power generation? Next, we introduce the advantages and conditions of rural biogas power generation.


First of all, why do we use biogas to generate electricity? What are the benefits of biogas power generation in rural farms?

Biogas power generation comprehensively utilizes new technologies that combine environmental protection and energy conservation. It uses a large amount of organic waste in industry, agriculture and urban life, as well as the biogas produced by oxygen fermentation to drive the biogas generator set. At the same time, make full use of the waste heat of the generator set to produce biogas. The comprehensive thermal efficiency is above 80%, which is higher than 30%-40% of general power generation efficiency. The economic benefits are significant. The most direct advantage is that it solves the electricity problem and saves electricity costs. For example, a pig farm that raises more than 2,000 breeding pigs a year requires the use of feed grinders, mixers, heat preservation for piglets in winter, and incubators. In the past year, the average monthly electricity expenditure exceeded 5,000 yuan. Using biogas to generate electricity means that it can save a lot of electricity costs.

Second, it helps reduce farm pollution. 

For pig farms, the most troublesome problems are pig manure and sewage treatment. However, biogas power generation can solve these pollutants well. Manure and sewage from the pig farm can enter the biogas digester and be input by a pipeline. The biogas liquid discharged from the biogas digester can be used to clean the pigsty, realize the circulating breeding mode, and reduce the risk of pollution. Biogas power generation can also generate additional economic benefits. For example, with an investment of 300,000 yuan, a biogas digester with a capacity of 500 cubic meters and a 50 kilowatt generator, it can produce 52,000 cubic meters of biogas a year, generate 75,000 kWh, and produce 4,000 tons of biogas slag and biogas slurry per year, with an economic benefit of ¥150,000 . 

What are the requirements for biogas power generation? In addition to supporting biogas generator sets, which require professional and technical personnel to install in place, we also need to have certain requirements for biogas, such as controlling the content of impurities such as SI and HS in the biogas within a certain range, and the biogas temperature is between 10 degrees and Between 60 degrees. The pressure is 0-5KPA, depending on the gas quality requirements of biogas. Generally, biogas from anaerobic treatment of poultry manure can meet the gas quality requirements for power generation, sewage treatment biogas requires desulfurization, and landfill biogas requires dehydration.

Finally, we come to the conclusion of how much electricity can be generated by the biogas party? One side generates 1.7KW.HR of biogas, and the methane concentration in the left middle biogas is calculated at 50%. The operating cost per kilowatt-hour includes overhaul costs, financial costs, and depreciation costs between ¥0.04 and ¥0.05. The equipment runs more than 7,200 hours per year. The 500-kilowatt generator set generates more than 250,000 kilowatts per month. A piece of equipment needs to be overhauled or maintained every three years. The cost of one time is about ¥70,000. The overhaul and overhaul will take about 15 to 25 days.

Summary: The conditions for biogas power generation in rural farms.

There must be a suitable site for the construction of a biogas digester, and this site must be kept at a reasonable distance from the farm. At the same time, there must be sufficient raw materials for biogas power generation, such as pig farm manure and sewage. If it is not a pig farm, it will not produce too much manure and sewage. Is there enough other fermentation materials, such as straw? Due to the slow rate of biogas production from biogas digesters, and the use of biogas to generate electricity cannot wait, only a set of specialized biogas storage equipment can be established. This storage device is very important. There are many aspects to be considered, such as volume, structure, purification treatment, etc., which require professional technical support. We need to clearly consider how much electricity this biogas can generate, and whether it is sufficient for farm use. In short, to develop rural biogas power generation, firstly there must be enough space; secondly, there must be detailed design; thirdly, there must be professional and technical personnel; fourthly, there must be sufficient funds.


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