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Check gas generator equipping gas phase

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-06
135 series gas engine with gas phase check, ensure the camshaft and crankshaft by timing gear relative installation position, the engine with gas phase has been inspection before they go out, all within the tolerance range, don't need to do inspection. But because when the timing gear tooth face serious wear and replace or for other reasons and reshipment hind, should be checked again. 1) , with gas phase check, shall be carried out after the valve clearance adjustment. Check, first on the crankshaft front-end is installed with a 360 - degree scale line index plate, placed on the front cover of a adjustable pointer, then rotate the crankshaft, the flywheel shell to inspect the pointer of the window, and then rotate the crankshaft, make the flywheel shell to check the zero line in the window of the pointer on the flywheel, tweaking a pointer on the front cover, the zero line in the index plate, and fixed it, your colleagues in a dial gauge was planted on the cylinder head, making his induction head and to check the inlet valve or the exhaust valve spring seat base contact, then press the rotation arrow on the dial and turn the crankshaft by cylinder ignition sequence to see. 2) , generally can only check the first cylinder, the rest each cylinder camshaft are guarantee, check, when dial gauge pointer began to swing the instantaneous ( By hand can turn the push rod into not instantaneous rotation) . It indicates that the valve to open, this time on the dial is the Angle of Pointers is the valve opening Angle in the beginning; Then continue to rotate the crankshaft, dial gauge pointer from zero to a large value ( This value is the line for the gas lift) Began to return, when the instantaneous dial gauge pointer back to zero ( By hand can turn the push rod into not instantaneous rotation) , said valve closed, Pointers point of view on this time scale is the valve closed. Starting from the valve open to the valve closed, turn the crankshaft Angle is called the valve opening Angle. 3) , such as found with gas phase, and does not conform to that stipulated, should first determine the installation position of timing gear is correct; Second is to check the tooth surface meshing clearance is in accordance with the regulation, the tooth surface and the CAM CAM surface whether there is a serious wear phenomenon. If do not conform to the regulations, must to adjust or change with new parts, after check again with the gas phase. New shengan power of science and technology ( Shandong) Co. , LTD. , is a long-term committed to the development of new environmental protection power equipment, production, sales and after-sale is a body comprehensive high-tech enterprises.
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