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Coal mine gas power plant

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-17
Shengan gas generating set power engineering example: a. Description - yunnan dashan gas station: mountain coal mine in yunnan province was established in May 2003, after more than six years of development and the functions of the government at all levels and support, total assets of 100 million yuan, staff 80 people, an annual output of ten thousand tons of coal capacity of more than 30, old plant coal mine of yunnan in recent 6 years developing rapidly, has been developed from its inception in 2003 single coal mine, the annual output of 30000 tons to ten thousand tons of annual production of more than 10 2009. two Coal mine gas power plant site, site size: mountain coal mine according to the country is in principle & quot; After gas drainage, first to the wind DingChan & quot; 。 Is the two basic methods, drainage, drainage method are many, can draw on the ground, underground. Adjust measures to local conditions. Can be greatly reduced by drainage, gas quantity, again by mine ventilation solve the problem of gas overrun. Because of modern mining in fully mechanized technology progress, the coal, coal seam gas is released by the, in the case of the underground ventilation rate fixed design. To ensure that the gas concentration in working face not to exceed bid only limit production. Now taking gas as the response to the call of national energy reuse, developing low carbon economy, energy can use again, determining the gas generator set, using the gas power generation, supply for private use. Total purchase our 3 units of 500 kw low concentration gas generator set. 3. Dashan gas generator run the website of the gas station, site after economic benefits. Dashan gas power station site in industry unit running steadily, the single machine power up to 400 kw, after the site into your enterprise network, can save coal electricity about 300000 yuan a month, at the same time to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emissions reduction, low concentrations of the mine gas generating set as the catalog of national energy saving technology popularization sample project, emphatically recommended by the national propaganda.
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