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Coal mine high and low concentration gas generator set

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-30

coal gas generator set is divided into high concentration gas generating set and low concentration gas generator set, high concentration of the gas generator set for methane content in more than 25%; Low concentration gas generator set requirements of methane content in 12% 25%; Select generator models according to gas concentration, low gas generating set option 1 mw or so commonly, gas generator sets in about 2 mw. Gas generator set power gas generator power generation efficiency is slightly higher than low efficiency. Gas generator fuel into electricity energy about 35% unit, about 30% with the waste gas discharge, 25% was taken away by the engine cooling water.

500 kw low concentration gas generator picture

low concentration gas generator set adopts the technology of the electronic control gas mixer, can automatically control the air-fuel ratio, so as to adapt to changes in the concentrations of the gas to the gas concentration is 9%, the gas explosion reaction is the most completely, gas, oxygen oxidation reaction completely, zero oxygen balance, explosive power at this time also is the largest, most efficient to do work. : the biggest difference between high and low gas power generation at low concentration explosive limits of the methane before entering the unit are not allowed to set up in the process of storage tanks and pressure machine, and high concentration of gas in the process of conveying don't design the gas safety delivery system.

gas power generation technology mainly includes 11 system: thermal system, fuel supply system, waste heat utilization system, the gas conveying safety device system, ash system, water treatment system, water system, parallel engineering, electrical systems, thermal control system, auxiliary production engineering, flue gas desulfurization denitration system. Gas power generation and low gas power generation technology system basic same, gas generating no gas safety conveying system, low concentration gas safety ground transportation technology at present, there are three main ways that water mist hybrid security conveyer, the gas conveying automatic spray powder explosion suppression device, the two phase flow security conveyer. Other electric power system, fuel supply systems, waste heat utilization system and so on basic similar.

500 kw high concentration of the gas generator picture

cannot store because of the low concentration gas, the gas source is limited, low gas power generation project relatively small scale, low gas generating set and gas generator set in addition to different requirements for air concentration, other technical parameters are basically the same. Engineering investment mainly depends on the size, equipment type selection standard, the factors related to the production process. Investment 1 investment 600 - mw gas power generation units 10 million yuan, the scale is larger, the smaller unit investment. Gas power generation project 1 KWH gas consumption is 0. 26 cubic, low gas consumption, gas power generation project 1 KWH 0. 3 cubic, gas power generation efficiency of power generation efficiency is slightly higher than the low gas.

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