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Coalbed methane ( Gas) Generating set

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-07
Gas refers to a kind of unconventional natural gas reservoir in coal seam are ( Its main composition is methane) , also known as coal bed methane. Coalbed methane resource is one of the world's clean energy development important areas. The development and utilization of coalbed methane is to protect the global environment, improve coal mine safety and increase of new energy, such as multiple benefits. Gas generation is reasonable use of smoke exhaust gas, less pollution, effective way to improve economic efficiency of coal mine. At the beginning of the development of coal mine ventilation treatment is used to improve the safety of the workers in the coal mine, and the coal bed methane in the coal mine, if not be collected, will be through the coal mine ventilation system is vented to atmosphere. Recently, the international research proves that coal mine coal bed methane produced by 30 - 40% gas internal combustion engine can be effectively used to generate electricity. Well before the air ( CBM) , more than 90% methane content in CBM, can from coal mining, some parts of the single element of the coalbed methane is usually stable, that is to say, can be directly supplied to the natural gas pipeline. Well gas ( CSM) , CSM in the process of coal mining release of methane and air mixed gas, for security reasons, must be pulled out. CSM usually contains 5 - 12% volume content of oxygen and methane content is 25 The proportion of 60%, but the CSM in methane/air may suddenly change, so the CBM in the application of gas internal combustion engine is more complicated. Well after the air ( CMM) , even if the coal mine has been closed, will constantly produce coalbed methane (CBM), the abandonment of coal-bed methane generally contains no oxygen, changes in its composition is also very slow. Range of 60 - including methane content 80%. CBM and CMM components to make the two CBM can be used directly in the gas combustion engine combustion without technical problems. Was in a state of mining gas distributed well ( CSM) , due to its branch suddenly change, for the design of the gas internal combustion engine is quite high demand, however, the new shengan power for this kind of gas provides improved gas internal combustion engine.
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