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Coalbed methane gas power generation technology

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-25
China's existing variety of coal-bed methane power generation technology points but the advantages and disadvantages of various gas generator set different need to choose according to actual situation, our country overall present a low content of methane, coalbed methane concentration characteristics of large fluctuations. Cause its not like gas large-scale exploitation and utilization. Utilization of CBM in China mainly concentrated in this part of the methane concentration is greater than or equal to 30%, it is for the use of residents, the second is for the gas power generation, practical way of coal-bed gas generating coal-bed methane power generation technology is as follows: advantage: gas internal combustion engine power generation system thermal efficiency is higher; Compact structure, light weight, suitable for mobile; Easy to start; Wide range of optional power; Strong adaptability for gas concentration in the faults: complicated structure, big noise; Incomplete combustion, exhaust gas in CH, high content of CO, NOX pollutants such as gas turbine generating system advantages: simple and compact structure, convenient operation maintenance; Stand-alone power; Start fast, smooth operation; Low failure rate, high degree of automation disadvantages: small gas turbine is expensive, efficiency, higher requirements for the gas concentration in the more than 40% of the steam turbine generating system advantages: good use of waste heat; Technology is relatively mature, mainly used in combined cycle power generation faults: equipment large, complex can't move; Initial investment is large, low load operation efficiency is low; High requirements for gas concentration in the more than 30%; Cogeneration advantages: high thermal efficiency and low pollution, low environmental cost; Save water, covers an area of savings, flexible equipment; Disadvantages: only applies to mixed burning advantages: large scale power station to reduce SO2 and NOX emissions; Reduce the scale of pure coal, Less investment, technology risk small faults: the high quality requirements; Boiler of power must be large enough only suitable for large power station
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