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Commissioning work includes which aspects of natural gas generator set

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-21
Buy gas generator set, we usually require a commissioning, both in the natural gas generating set manufacturer and in their own work units. Commissioning according to comprehensive commissioning is to step. We introduce natural gas generator set in the commissioning process of the main process includes which aspects. Components: first of all to guarantee the overall gas generating set is new. Some manufacturers in order to save costs and increase profits, to buy some old refurbished sale of diesel engine, if not professional personnel, it is difficult to identify gas generator set of old and new. Check if there's any loose for all kinds of nuts. Cylinder check: gas generator set each cylinder in the reduced pressure, turn the crankshaft to check up sounds each cylinder works have the same ring, whether the crankshaft, oil pump into a friction surface at the same time, and then close the relief agencies, shaking the crankshaft, check whether generating set cylinder gas leakage, if feel very arduous, shaking the crankshaft, said compression is normal. Part of the interval: natural gas generating set is composed of diesel engine, generator, each part of the cylinder, instrument panel, etc. Check each part clearance space is correct. System checks, gas generating set with a fuel supply system, water cooling system, startup system and lubricating system. Check whether the four system normal. When buy gas generator set to check the above situations, to guarantee to buy high quality natural gas generator set. More content, gas generating set at https://www. xsapower。 com/
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