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Consumables replacement cycle gas generator

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-18
Gas generating set with its clean environmental protection, good performance, low cost advantage won a good market. Let's look at some of the gas generator set consumables replacement cycle? 1, consumables replacement cycle gas generator, biomass generator set oil supplies mainly include antifreeze and two parts, the replacement cycle is, hours, need to change, to run the generator set to 400 hours, need to change, not 400 hours of operation, according to the change once a year. 2, hours, consumables reduction should be added in time, change again. Biomass power generation units within 400 hours of operation, consumables reduction should be timely to add, add should add the same brand, type of material should add the same brand. More content, biomass power generation unit at https://www. xsapower。 com/
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