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Contractions in the use of biogas generator

Contractions in the use of biogas generator


1: avoid improper starting method.In winter, some drivers in order to be able to quickly start the biogas generator, often use anhydrous start (start first, then add cooling water) abnormal start method.This practice will cause serious damage to the machine and should be banned.

Correct preheating method is: heat preservation quilt on the tank first, open the drain valve, the tank clean soft water continuous injection of 60-70 ℃, with the hand touch water drain valve flow of water in a hot feeling, and then close the drain valve and to clean soft water tank into the 90-100 ℃, and turn the crankshaft, make each moving part properly lubricated beforehand, and then start again.

2: do not pay attention to the body insulation.Low temperature in winter makes it easy to overcool the generator set when it is working.Therefore, heat preservation is the key to make good use of methane generator units in winter.In the northern region, the biogas generator used in winter should be equipped with insulation cover and insulation curtain and other cold equipment.(In addition, thermostat plays an important role in the temperature rise of biogas generator unit.Therefore, the thermostat should be checked before winter to see if the work is normal, and the failed thermostat should be replaced in time.

3: Do not let off water too early or do not let off cooling water.Before turning off, operate at idle speed, wait until the cooling water temperature drops to below 60℃ and the water is not too hot, then turn off the fire and release the water.If the cooling water is discharged too early, the body will suddenly shrink and crack when the cold air attacks at a high temperature.When releasing water, the remaining water in the body should be effectively discharged, so as not to freeze and expand, causing the body to expand and crack.

4: Avoid baking oil pan with open fire.In order to avoid deterioration of the oil in the pan, or even burning, lubrication performance reduced or completely lost, thus exacerbating machine wear.Winter should choose a low freezing point of the oil, the start of the machine can be used outside the water bath heating method to improve the oil temperature.

5: Avoid starting with open flame.Do not remove the air filter, and use cotton yarn dipped in oil to make a kindling, and place it in the intake pipe for combustion-supporting starting.In this way, during the starting process, the dusty air outside will not be filtered and directly sucked into the cylinder, causing abnormal wear of piston, cylinder and other parts, and also causing rough work of the generator set and damage to the machine.

6: Avoid low temperature load operation.When the generator set started up and caught fire, some drivers could not wait to put into the load immediately.Ignition of the generator set soon, because the body temperature is low, oil viscosity is large, oil is not easy to fill into the friction surface of the motion pair, will cause serious wear machine.In addition, the plunger spring, valve spring and fuel injector spring due to "brittle" also easy to break.Therefore, after the generator set starts up and catches fire in winter, it should idle for a few minutes at low and medium speed, and then put into load operation when the cooling water temperature reaches 60℃.

7: avoid to choose fuel oil casually.Low temperature in winter makes the fluidity of methane worse, viscosity increases, not easy to spray, resulting in bad atomization, combustion deterioration, leading to the decline in the power and economic performance of methane generator.Therefore, light methane with low freezing point and good firing performance should be selected in winter.The freezing point of biogas machine is generally required to be lower than the current season of local low temperature 7-10℃.

Most customers generally believe that the higher the oil level of the sump of the biogas generator unit, the better. In fact, this is a wrong idea.

Biogas generator set manufacturer told everyone here, in front of the biogas generator unit pan and not the higher the better, the bottom is high, the oil into the combustion chamber, easily cause exhaust oil spray, smoke, also waste engine oil, oil consumption is too large, incomplete combustion, produce large amounts of carbon deposit, valve and valve seat wear and tear, will cause the piston ring if serious bite dead, affect the normal operation of the biogas generator unit work.

At the same time, the oil level of the sump of the biogas generator unit should not be too low. If the oil level is too low, it will cause poor lubrication and high oil temperature, leading to early wear of parts.Especially in the downhill, may make the oil filter exposed oil oil, air suction machine oil pump and can not supply oil, causing "burning watts" and other serious accidents.

So, exactly how high the oil level of the sump of the biogas generator unit should be?The manufacturer of biogas generator unit suggests that you make a judgment with the help of the oil scale and read the oil level, which shall not be lower than the lower oil level, nor exceed the higher oil level.


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