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Contrastive analysis of the natural gas and diesel generator

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-28

in 500 kw gas generator and diesel generator units, for example: ten thousand yuan

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project 500 kw diesel generator set 500 kw gas generator shows that the main equipment investment is 62105 units: ten thousand yuan RMB 1. Electricity and diesel price is higher, the greater the loss of diesel generator; 2. Such as make use of the waste heat of flue gas and the jacket water, gas power generation can bring greater economic benefits. 10 generating revenue 315315 running costs. 510. Fuel costs 322196 total cost 332 for five years. 5206. Net income - for five years 17. 5108. The payback period of 5 losses, recycled indefinitely 12 months

gas power generation than diesel generator has the advantages of:

emissions basic belongs to no pollution material, little pollution to the environment; Low noise at runtime, the runtime state of smoothly, the operation of the whole life is long, can reach more than 20 years; Suitable for cogeneration, can take advantage of the flue gas and the jacket water waste heat to produce steam and hot water, reduce energy costs, improve the economic benefit; In terms of the use of fuel, gas power generation can be directly permanent access to the pipeline gas, avoids the diesel generator for diesel oil storage and transportation costs; Power good economic benefits. As diesel prices rising in particular, the application of liquefied natural gas (LNG) degree of increase and lower gas prices, using natural gas generating better returns. The image below for the new shengan power production of natural gas generator set images:
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