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Diesel generator rooms the preparing work before equipment installation

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-31
JiChai diesel generator rooms the preparing work before equipment installation, 1) JiChai diesel generating sets of handling units usually have boxes, and other electrical equipment should be paid attention to when carrying on the lifting rope should be tied in the proper position, drop spike light. When the unit to the eye to should be put in warehouse, as far as possible if there is no warehouse need when in open air, is the bottom cushion is high, should be to prevent the rain soaked, box should be sealed by rain on the tent, in case of or damage to equipment. , because of the large unit volume weight is very heavy, before installation should be arranged in advance transportation route, in the computer room should be reserved handling. If the door is not big enough, can use window location set aside larger handling mouth, after being unit moved into, and again build by laying bricks or stones wall and install Windows and doors. ( 2) JiChai diesel generating sets out of the box: should first remove dust before unpacking, check box body with and without damage, verify the package number and quantity, when out of the box do not operate the machine. Out of the order is to tear open roof, on the side panel. After unpacking should do the following work: (1) according to the check list of diesel engine and packing list all units and accessories; (2) to see whether the main dimensions of the unit and accessories are in conformity with the drawings; 3. Check whether there is any damage or corrosion on the unit and accessories; (4) if the unit after check, can't timely installation, should remove the parts processed surface coated with anti-rust oil again, properly protected. The transmission part and the sliding part of the unit, don't turn before rust-proof oil has not been clear. If check has to remove rust, oil, after the inspection should be coated with anti-rust oil again. (5) when unpacking the case of the diesel generator set should pay attention to, must be placed, flange and various interface must be blocks, bandaging, prevent rain and dust in. ( 3) Marking location on the unit and marked according to the layout of unit wall or column between the center and the relationship between the unit and the unit size, delimit the longitudinal and lateral line of engine unit installation location. Unit center and walls and columns between the allowable deviation of 20 mm, the allowable deviation between the diesel generator set and diesel generator to 10 mm. ( 4) Check JiChai diesel generating set equipment ready to install check, understand the design content and construction drawings, according to the design drawings for material preparation, and will be according to the plan of construction materials according to the order into the construction site. If there is no design drawings, should refer to the instruction, and according to the requirement of use and installation of equipment, at the same time considering water supply, power supply, maintenance and use, etc. , determine the size and position of the civil plane, draw the unit plan. ( 5) Prepare lifting equipment and installation tools
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