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Diesel generator set

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-05
Diesel generator set features: ( 1) , stand-alone capacity level. International unit from a few kilowatts to tens of thousands of kilowatts, domestic units thousands of kilowatts ( 2) , form a complete set of equipment structure compact, flexible installation location ( Water, as long as 34 ~ 82 l/KW· H of the steam turbine 1/10) ( 3) , high thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption, Thermal efficiency of 30 ~ 46%) ( 4) , start quickly, and can quickly reach full power for a few seconds, emergency expire with full load (1 minutes Normal 5 ~ 30 min) Process short, downtime can be frequent start-stop. ( 5) , maintenance, simple operation, less people, easy maintenance (during standby 6) Construction and power generation, diesel generating sets of low comprehensive cost 190 series high-speed, high-power diesel engine has developed into a can meet the market demand, the spectrum is a complete series of products, the products are widely used in oil field, power station, scheduling a motorcycle, engineering machinery and all kinds of ships and other fields. Leading products Z12V190B diesel engine is a kind of widely used, good performance of high speed high-power diesel engine, the machine through continuous improvement, fruitful scientific achievements in the field of modern internal combustion engine, with the advanced technical and economic indicators, compact structure, start quickly, easy operation, convenient maintenance, can adapt to all kinds of bad environment under the condition of operation, etc. The machine has gradually become the leader of high-power diesel engines at home and abroad.
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